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Pride in Europe

It's time for colours, celebration, and diversity! Discover Europe's best Pride festival destinations. Explore cities proudly hoisting rainbow flags, celebrating queer love, and continuing the fight for inclusion. Here are our favourite travel destinations for Pride in 2024.

Join the celebration of Europe's most colourful festivals this summer! © Ida Toldnæs / Oslo Pride

1. Copenhagen Pride

Date: August 10th - 18th, 2024

Fly to Copenhagen

The festival in Copenhagen is known for taking over the entire city and hosting one of Europe's best street parades. It's all about glitter, glam, and everything associated with Pride.

Copenhagen Pride's vision is to create a world where everyone can love and live freely and safely. To participate in the celebration, they ask for one thing: a clear expectation that those choosing to engage in the activities celebrate the right to diversity, contribute to creating inclusive spaces, and support inclusion.

Does it sound like you? Join in filling the streets of Copenhagen and get an unforgettable experience in return!

Check out these tips from our cabin crew:

Mikkel has travelled around the world and celebrated Pride in many countries, but CPH Pride is his absolute favourite! © Private

Name: Mikkel Rasmussen
Position: Senior Cabin Crew, based in Copenhagen
Favourite Pride: Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen is already a beautiful place in the summer, but when an entire week in August turns into Pride Week, the city transforms. Culture, conversations, music, workshops, drag shows, and much more combined with the charming city centre of Copenhagen make Pride Week something truly magical!

Don't miss out: have a Pride brunch at one of our enchanting brunch spots in the city. A perfect way to start the day before the Pride parade!

Hidden gem: Take a trip with c(A)nal Tours. The renowned drag queen Chantal takes you on a canal tour you'll never forget! It's a tradition for hundreds every year, and she ensures to give you a fantastic history lesson while we all sing, dance, and celebrate Pride along the canal.

Daniel has no doubts about what his absolute favourite Pride in Europe is; it's of course Copenhagen Pride! © Private

Name: Daniel Højgaard Hjortsø
Position: Senior Cabin Crew Member and Social Media Ambassador
Favourite Pride: Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride stands for diversity and plays an active role in shaping a more inclusive society.

Here, there is room to be yourself, and I love that. People from all over the world come to this festival to celebrate love and each other.

Top tip: Experience all the parties at Rådhusplassen, also known as Pride Square, and don't miss the atmosphere both there and throughout the rest of the city.

Don't miss out: Take your group on an Aperol Spritz sailing tour in Copenhagen's beautiful canals. It's truly a fun experience.

Watch one of the world's largest drag shows at Rådhuspladsen on Friday evening during Pride Week. Thousands of people attend the over four-hour-long performance every year, featuring some of the best productions you can find in Europe! Mikkel Rasmussen

2. Stockholm Pride 

Date: July 29th - August 4th 2024

Fly to Stockholm

Stockholm Pride describes itself as Stockholm's most colourful festival, and not without reason! They use the celebration to embrace diversity and work towards a future that includes everyone. This, of course, involves a celebration in all the colours of the rainbow.

Stockholm Pride has something for everyone; in Pride House, you can meet organisations and politicians, discuss experiences, and participate in workshops. If you're looking for a place to get the festival feeling, Pride Park is the spot. Here, you'll find exhibitions and dining options, meet new and old friends, and enjoy exciting shows and concerts. If you're young or visiting Stockholm Pride with your family, there are activities planned for you at Pride Young and Pride Family. Pride Young is for those aged 13 to 25, while Pride Family is open to all.

Don't miss out: Stockholm Pride's major highlight is, of course, the Pride parade. This is Scandinavia's largest parade with around 50,000 spectators. The parade goes through large parts of central Stockholm, promising a festive atmosphere throughout the route!

Stockholm can boast of having the largest Pride celebration in the Nordic region with around 50,000 participants and spectators. © Lindsey Lamont / Unsplash

3. Oslo Pride

Date: June 21st - 29th 2024

This is Norway's largest celebration of Pride and what a feast! During a colourful week, Oslo is filled to the brim with joyful people celebrating queer love and diversity. During Oslo Pride, there's only one rule: be yourself and love whoever you want.

Oslo Pride is celebrated over a total of nine days, offering a festival for everyone, regardless of age and the rainbow colour you identify with. And don't miss the Pride parade when you're in the city - it creates a lot of wonderful energy and excitement!

Name: Kristoffer Gustavsen
Position: Senior Advisor for Policy and Sustainability at Norwegian
Favourite Pride: Oslo Pride

Oslo Pride is a fantastic event and celebration that focuses on equal rights and human dignity. Over 9 days, you can experience a wide range of events, meet organisations, and, most importantly, both watch and participate in the Pride parade.

Don't miss out: Grab a beer and engage with the many organisations working for equal rights and human dignity for everyone in Pride Park.

Top tip: Visit Pride House and attend debates, lectures, and workshops. There are exciting debates and issues on the agenda that are both educational and create discussion. You'll quickly experience the broad spectrum of queer culture!

I am so impressed by all the volunteers who contribute to creating Oslo Pride, and who, despite the terrorist attack in 2022, stand firm for equal rights! Kristoffer Gustavsen
Kristoffer loves celebrating Pride in Oslo, and in recent years, the celebration has taken on even greater significance for him. © Private

4. Pride Amsterdam

Date: July 27th - August 4th 2024

Fly to Amsterdam

The city known for its beautiful canals is, of course, the city that has its parade on the water. Every year, 80 canal boats will sail through Amsterdam's small and large canals, coloring the city with rainbow hues. During the nine days of the festival, over 300 different activities will be held. The theme for 2024 is "Together," to celebrate that strength lies in unity and that we must stand together in an increasingly polarized world.

Don't miss out: There is a big street party after the canal parade at Amstelveld and the main stage at "Dam" square. You must also visit the Homomonument – the world's first memorial for homosexuals. It commemorates those who were persecuted during World War II.

If you like to plan well in advance, in 2026, World Pride will be held in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, it's celebrated on the water... © Ari Dinar / Unsplash
.. across multiple storeys... © Ari Dinar / Unsplash
.. and on every street corner! © Liam McGarry / Unsplash

5. Christopher Street Day


Date: July 19th - 21st 2024

Fly to Düsseldorf/Cologne


Date: July 27th 2024

Fly to Berlin


Date: July 27th - August 4th 2024

Fly to Hamburg

This festival may have a name that sets it apart from the rest of the Pride festivals in Europe, but Christopher Street Day is Germany and Switzerland's answer to Pride festivals and Pride parades. CSD, as it is often colloquially called, is held in memory of and in honour of the Stonewall riots that took place on Christopher Street in New York.

CSD is celebrated in all major German cities, but the largest festivals can be found in Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne. The festival is described by participants as part political campaign and part techno parade, but it shares the same goals as all other Pride parades; to show the world that the LGBTQ+ community can be proud of themselves and the unity they share.

Pride in Germany is celebrated as Christopher Street Day, commemorating the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969. © Lukas S / Unsplash

Written by: Margrethe Knudsen