Optional service charges

We believe in just paying for the things you actually want. The result? High standards. Low prices. We had a feeling you’d prefer it that way around.

Pro tip: We understand that plans sometimes do change, but unfortunately our optional service charges are not refundable.

Rebooking and refunds

  • Cost to change LowFare, LowFare+ and Premium

    • Name change: 35 GBP
    • Rebooking (all flights): 35 GBP + price difference
    • Rebooking (international long haul): 75 GBP + price difference
    • Upgrade to Premium cabin: Price difference
    • Refundable: Non-refundable

    Changes are charged per person, each way. Conditions apply.

  • Free to change Flex and PremiumFlex

    • Name change: Free
    • Rebooking: Free
    • Upgrade to Premium cabin: Price difference
    • Refundable: Fully refundable

    Conditions apply.

Booking charges

  • Service charge - phone and airport bookings

    There's a service charge (15 GBP per person, each way) for bookings and changes made by phone and at the airport.

  • Credit card surcharge

    1.99% of the total purchase price (debit cards and Bank Norwegian VISA are exempt).

  • Connecting flights

    To take care of the little extras needed to get you to your final destination, there's a charge for connecting flights.

    • 7 GBP per person, per leg
    • 15 GBP per person, per leg (flights connecting via London Gatwick)

Seat reservation

  • Cost to reserve a seat - LowFare tickets

    • 7 - 16 GBP per person, each way
    • 25 GBP per person, each way (international long haul)

    For all other tickets, you can choose your seat for free.

Meals and onboard extras

  • All flights excl. international long haul

    Light meals, snacks and drinks are available for purchase on board most flights. Prices may change without notice.

    • Non-alcoholic drinks: 2 - 3 GBP
    • Alcoholic drinks: 4 - 15 GBP
    • Snacks: 1 - 5 GBP
    • Fresh food: 4 - 10 GBP
  • International long haul

    Pre-ordered meals - LowFare tickets

    • 28 GBP per person, each way

    Snacks and drinks on board

    Light meals, snacks and drinks are available for purchase on board most flights. Prices may change without notice.

    • Non-alcoholic drinks: 4 – 5 USD
    • Alcoholic drinks: 7 – 15 USD
    • Snacks: 4 – 8 USD
    • Fresh food: 10 – 11 USD
    • Travel blanket: 5 USD
    • Headset: 3 USD

Hand baggage

You can always bring one carry-on bag in the cabin free of charge. Your ticket type will determine how heavy it can be.

Travelling to/from Dubai? Your carry-on bag must not exceed 8 kg. This is due to weight restrictions on board these flights.

  • LowFare, LowFare+, Premium

    10 kg – 55 x 40 x 23 cm

  • Flex, PremiumFlex

    15 kg – 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Checked baggage

Your ticket type determines if checked baggage is included, or whether you'll need to pay a little extra.

You can add checked baggage to an existing booking up until 25 hours before departure. It's quick and easy to do this online or by giving our Contact Centre a ring.

  • All flights excl. long haul


    No bags included


    • 1 x 20 kg


    • 1 x 20 kg
  • International long haul flights


    No bags included


    • 1 x 20 kg

    Flex, Premium and PremiumFlex

    • 2 x 20 kg

Size and weight limits

Pay careful attention to the size and weight of your bags when preparing for your trip.

  • Each bag must not be heavier than 32 kg or lighter than 2 kg.
  • Your total amount of checked bags cannot weigh more than 64 kg.
  • Each bag must not exceed 250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with max. circumference 300 cm.
  • Excess baggage

    Excess baggage charges apply to any items over the 2 baggage limit, and to items over 20 kg – 9 GBP per kilo, per leg.

Cost for checked baggage

Different prices apply to purchases made online or at the airport.

Checked baggage purchased online

Baggage rates will vary depending on your itinerary. Use our city pair list to establish the applicable zone (e.g. A, B, C etc.) and calculate the charges that will apply.

Direct flights: Prices for direct flights are displayed on the first line.

Connecting flights: Prices for connecting flights can be calculated by matching the two city types that make up your one way journey.

Checked baggage is charged per item, per one way*. A second checked bag will be charged at a higher price. Prices are displayed as first checked bag = (1) and second checked bag = (2).

Checked baggage purchased at the airport

Checked baggage is charged per item, per one way*. Baggage rates will vary depending on your itinerary.

Direct flights
Domestic: 15 GBP
International: 30 GBP

Connecting flights
Domestic/domestic: 30 GBP
Domestic/international: 45 GBP
International/international: 60 GBP

  A B C D E F G
Direct flights
7 (1)
10 (2)
10 (1)
15 (2)
15 (1)
20 (2)

17 (1)
23 (2)

20 (1)
25 (2)
25 (1)
 30 (2)
25 (1)
30 (2)
A 14 (1)
20 (2)
17 (1)
25 (2)
22 (2)
30 (2)
24 (1)
33 (2)
27 (1)
35 (2)
32 (1)
40 (2)
32 (1)
40 (2)
B 17 (1)
25 (2)
20 (1)
30 (2)
25 (1)
35 (2)
27 (1)
38 (2)
30 (1)
40 (2)
35 (1)
45 (2)
35 (1)
45 (2)
C 22 (1)
30 (2)
25 (1)
35 (2)
30 (1)
40 (2)
32 (1)
43 (2)
35 (1)
45 (2)
42 (1)
50 (2)
42 (1)
50 (2)
D 24 (1)
33 (2)
27 (1)
38 (2)

36 (1)
43 (2)

40 (1)
46 (2)
37 (1)
48 (2)
44 (1)
53 (2)
44 (1)
53 (2)
E 22 (1)
35 (2)
30 (1)
40 (2)
35 (1)
45 (2)
37 (1)
48 (2)
40 (1)
50 (2)
45 (1)
55 (2)

45 (1)
55 (2)

F  32 (1)
40 (2)
35 (1)
45 (2)
40 (1)
50 (2)
42 (1)
53 (2)
45 (1)
55 (2)
50 (1)
60 (2)

50 (1)
60 (2)

G 32 (1)
40 (2)
35 (1)
45 (2)
40 (1)
50 (2)
42 (1)
53 (2)
45 (1)
55 (2)
50 (1)
60 (2)
50 (1)
60 (2)

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | Y | Z | Æ | Ø | Å

City Pair Zone
Aalborg Alicante C
Aalborg Copenhagen A
Aalborg Gran Canaria D
Aalborg London-Gatwick B
Aalborg Malaga C
Aalborg Mallorca-Palma C
Aalborg Oslo-Gardermoen B
Agadir Copenhagen D
Agadir Oslo-Gardermoen D
Agadir Stockholm-Arlanda D
Algarve-Faro Copenhagen C
Algarve-Faro London-Gatwick E
Algarve-Faro Oslo-Gardermoen C
Algarve-Faro Stockholm-Arlanda C
Alicante Aalborg C
Alicante Bergen C
Alicante Billund C
Alicante Cologne Bonn C
Alicante Copenhagen C
Alicante Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Alicante Hamburg C
Alicante Harstad/Narvik C
Alicante Helsinki C
Alicante Karlstad C
Alicante London-Gatwick E
Alicante Molde C
Alicante Munich C
Alicante Oslo-Gardermoen C
Alicante Oslo-Rygge C
Alicante Oulu C
Alicante Sandefjord-Torp C
Alicante Stavanger C
Alicante Stockholm-Arlanda C
Alicante Tromsø C
Alicante Trondheim C
Alicante Turku C
Alicante Umea C
Alicante Ålesund C
Alta Oslo-Gardermoen A
Alta Tromsø A
Amsterdam Copenhagen B
Amsterdam Oslo-Gardermoen B
Amsterdam Stockholm-Arlanda B
Andenes Oslo-Gardermoen A
Antalya Bergen C
Antalya Oslo-Gardermoen C
Antalya Sandefjord-Torp C
Antalya Trondheim C
Athens Copenhagen C
Athens Helsinki C
Athens Oslo-Gardermoen C
Athens Stockholm-Arlanda C
Baltimore/Washington Guadeloupe B
Baltimore/Washington Martinique B
Bangkok Copenhagen G
Bangkok Oslo-Gardermoen G
Bangkok Stockholm-Arlanda G
Barcelona Bergen C
Barcelona Berlin-Schönefeld C
Barcelona Birmingham E
Barcelona Billund C
Barcelona Copenhagen C
Barcelona Dubrovnik C
Barcelona Fuerteventura C
Barcelona Gran Canaria C
Barcelona Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Barcelona Hamburg C
Barcelona Helsinki C
Barcelona London-Gatwick E
Barcelona Oslo-Gardermoen C
Barcelona Sandefjord-Torp C
Barcelona Stavanger C
Barcelona Stockholm-Arlanda C
Barcelona Tenerife C
Barcelona Trondheim C
Barcelona Warsaw C
Bardufoss Oslo-Gardermoen A
Bastia Stockholm-Arlanda C
Belgrade Oslo-Gardermoen C
Belgrade Stockholm-Arlanda C
Bergen Alicante C
Bergen Antalya C
Bergen Barcelona C
Bergen Berlin-Schönefeld B
Bergen Copenhagen B
Bergen Crete-Chania C
Bergen Dubrovnik C
Bergen Edinburgh B
Bergen Gran Canaria D
Bergen Harstad/Narvik A
Bergen Korfu C
Bergen Krakow B
Bergen Kristiansand A
Bergen London-Gatwick B
Bergen Malaga C
Bergen Mallorca-Palma C
Bergen Murcia-Alicante C
Bergen New York F
Bergen Nice C
Bergen Oslo-Gardermoen A
Bergen Paris-Orly B
Bergen Prague B
Bergen Reykjavik B
Bergen Rome-Fiumincio C
Bergen Salzburg B
Bergen Sandefjord-Torp A
Bergen Split C
Bergen Stavanger A
Bergen Stockholm-Arlanda B
Bergen Tenerife D
Bergen Trondheim A
Bergen Warsaw B
Bergen Ålesund A
Berlin-Schönefeld Barcelona C
Berlin-Schönefeld Bergen B
Berlin-Schönefeld Copenhagen B
Berlin-Schönefeld Gran Canaria C
Berlin-Schönefeld London-Gatwick E
Berlin-Schönefeld Oslo-Gardermoen B
Berlin-Schönefeld Stavanger B
Berlin-Schönefeld Stockholm-Arlanda B
Berlin-Schönefeld Tenerife C
Berlin-Schönefeld Trondheim B
Bilbao Oslo-Gardermoen C
Billund Alicante C
Billund Barcelona C
Billund Gran Canaria D
Billund Oslo-Gardermoen B
Birmingham Barcelona E
Birmingham Madrid E
Birmingham Malaga E
Bodø Gran Canaria D
Bodø Oslo-Gardermoen A
Bordeaux Oslo-Gardermoen C
Bordeaux Stockholm-Arlanda C
Boston Guadeloupe B
Boston Martinique B
Bourgas Copenhagen C
Bourgas Helsinki C
Bourgas Oslo-Gardermoen C
Bourgas Stockholm-Arlanda C
Bratislava Oslo-Gardermoen B
Budapest Copenhagen B
Budapest Helsinki B
Budapest London-Gatwick E
Budapest Oslo-Gardermoen B
Budapest Stockholm-Arlanda B
Cologne Bonn Alicante C
Cologne Bonn Gran Canaria C
Cologne Bonn Malaga C
Cologne Bonn Oslo-Gardermoen B
Cologne Bonn Tenerife C
Copenhagen Aalborg A
Copenhagen Agadir D
Copenhagen Algarve-Faro C
Copenhagen Alicante C
Copenhagen Amsterdam B
Copenhagen Athens C
Copenhagen Bangkok G
Copenhagen Barcelona C
Copenhagen Bergen B
Copenhagen Berlin-Schönefeld B
Copenhagen Bourgas C
Copenhagen Budapest B
Copenhagen Crete-Chania C
Copenhagen Crete-Heraklion C
Copenhagen Cyprus-Larnaca C
Copenhagen Dubai D
Copenhagen Dublin B
Copenhagen Dubrovnik C
Copenhagen Edinburgh B
Copenhagen Fort Lauderdale-Florida G
Copenhagen Geneva B
Copenhagen Gran Canaria D
Copenhagen Grenoble B
Copenhagen Helsinki A
Copenhagen Ibiza C
Copenhagen Karup A
Copenhagen Korfu C
Copenhagen Kos C
Copenhagen Krakow B
Copenhagen Las Vegas F
Copenhagen Lisbon C
Copenhagen Liverpool B
Copenhagen London-Gatwick B
Copenhagen Los Angeles G
Copenhagen Madeira D
Copenhagen Madrid C
Copenhagen Malaga C
Copenhagen Mallorca-Palma C
Copenhagen Malta C
Copenhagen Marrakech D
Copenhagen Marseille-Provence C
Copenhagen Montpellier C
Copenhagen New York F
Copenhagen Nice C
Copenhagen Oslo-Gardermoen A
Copenhagen Orlando G
Copenhagen Paris-Orly B
Copenhagen Pisa C
Copenhagen Prague B
Copenhagen Reykjavik B
Copenhagen Rhodes C
Copenhagen Riga B
Copenhagen Rome-Fiumincio C
Copenhagen St Croix F
Copenhagen Salzburg B
Copenhagen San Juan F
Copenhagen Santorini C
Copenhagen Sarajevo C
Copenhagen Sardinia-Olbia C
Copenhagen Sicily-Catania C
Copenhagen Split C
Copenhagen Stavanger A
Copenhagen Stockholm-Arlanda A
Copenhagen Tenerife D
Copenhagen Trondheim B
Copenhagen Venice C
Copenhagen Zagreb C
Crete-Chania Bergen C
Crete-Chania Copenhagen C
Crete-Chania Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Crete-Chania Helsinki C
Crete-Chania Oslo-Gardermoen C
Crete-Chania Stockholm-Arlanda C
Crete-Heraklion Copenhagen C
Crete-Heraklion Oslo-Gardermoen C
Crete-Heraklion Stockholm-Arlanda C
Cyprus-Larnaca Copenhagen C
Cyprus-Larnaca Helsinki C
Cyprus-Larnaca London-Gatwick E
Cyprus-Larnaca Oslo-Gardermoen C
Cyprus-Larnaca Stockholm-Arlanda C
Dalaman Oslo-Gardermoen C
Dubai Copenhagen D
Dubai Oslo-Gardermoen D
Dubai Stockholm-Arlanda D
Dublin Copenhagen B
Dublin Helsinki B
Dublin Oslo-Gardermoen B
Dubrovnik Barcelona C
Dubrovnik Bergen C
Dubrovnik Copenhagen C
Dubrovnik Helsinki C
Dubrovnik London-Gatwick E
Dubrovnik Madrid C
Dubrovnik Oslo-Gardermoen C
Dubrovnik Sandefjord-Torp C
Dubrovnik Stavanger C
Dubrovnik Stockholm-Arlanda C
Dubrovnik Trondheim C
Edinburgh Bergen B
Edinburgh Copenhagen B
Edinburgh Malaga E
Edinburgh Oslo-Gardermoen B
Edinburgh Stockholm-Arlanda B
Fort Lauderdale-Florida Copenhagen G
Fort Lauderdale-Florida London-Gatwick F
Fort Lauderdale-Florida Oslo-Gardermoen G
Fort Lauderdale-Florida Stockholm-Arlanda G
Fuerteventura Barcelona C
Fuerteventura London-Gatwick E
Fuerteventura Oslo-Gardermoen D
Gdansk Oslo-Gardermoen B
Geneva Copenhagen B
Geneva Oslo-Gardermoen B
Geneva Stockholm-Arlanda B
Gothenburg-Landvetter Alicante C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Barcelona C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Crete-Chania C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Gran Canaria D
Gothenburg-Landvetter London-Gatwick B
Gothenburg-Landvetter Malaga C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Mallorca-Palma C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Nice C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Priština C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Rome-Fiumincio C
Gothenburg-Landvetter Salzburg B
Gothenburg-Landvetter Stockholm-Arlanda A
Gothenburg-Landvetter Tenerife D
Gran Canaria Aalborg D
Gran Canaria Barcelona C
Gran Canaria Bergen D
Gran Canaria Berlin-Schönefeld C
Gran Canaria Billund D
Gran Canaria Bodø D
Gran Canaria Cologn Bonn C
Gran Canaria Copenhagen D
Gran Canaria Gothenburg-Landvetter D
Gran Canaria Hamburg C
Gran Canaria Harstad/Narvik D
Gran Canaria Haugesund D
Gran Canaria Helsinki D
Gran Canaria Karlstad D
Gran Canaria London-Gatwick E
Gran Canaria Madrid C
Gran Canaria Malaga C
Gran Canaria Malmo D
Gran Canaria Munich C
Gran Canaria Oslo-Gardermoen D
Gran Canaria Oslo-Rygge D
Gran Canaria Oulu D
Gran Canaria Sandefjord-Torp D
Gran Canaria Stavanger D
Gran Canaria Stockholm-Arlanda D
Gran Canaria Tromsø D
Gran Canaria Trondheim D
Gran Canaria Umea D
Gran Canaria Warsaw C
Gran Canaria Ålesund D
Grenoble Copenhagen B
Grenoble London-Gatwick E
Grenoble Oslo-Gardermoen B
Grenoble Stockholm-Arlanda B
Guadeloupe Boston B
Guadeloupe New York B
Guadeloupe Washington/Baltimore B
Hamburg Alicante C
Hamburg Barcelona C
Hamburg Gran Canaria C
Hamburg Madrid C
Hamburg Malaga C
Hamburg Oslo-Gardermoen B
Hamburg Tenerife C
Harstad/Narvik Alicante C
Harstad/Narvik Bergen A
Harstad/Narvik Gran Canaria D
Harstad/Narvik Oslo-Gardermoen A
Harstad/Narvik Trondheim A
Haugesund Gran Canaria D
Haugesund Oslo-Gardermoen A
Helsinki Alicante C
Helsinki Athens C
Helsinki Barcelona C
Helsinki Bourgas C
Helsinki Budapest B
Helsinki Copenhagen A
Helsinki Crete-Chania C
Helsinki Cyprus-Larnaca C
Helsinki Dublin B
Helsinki Dubrovnik C
Helsinki Gran Canaria D
Helsinki Ivalo A
Helsinki Kittila A
Helsinki Korfu C
Helsinki London-Gatwick B
Helsinki Madrid C
Helsinki Malaga C
Helsinki Mallorca-Palma C
Helsinki Nice C
Helsinki Oslo-Gardermoen A
Helsinki Oulu A
Helsinki Paris-Orly B
Helsinki Prague B
Helsinki Pula C
Helsinki Rhodes C
Helsinki Rome-Fiumincio C
Helsinki Rovaniemi A
Helsinki Santorini C
Helsinki Salzburg B
Helsinki Split C
Helsinki Stockholm-Arlanda A
Helsinki Tenerife D
Helsinki Venice C
Ibiza Copenhagen C
Ibiza London-Gatwick E
Ibiza Oslo-Gardermoen C
Istanbul-Sabiha Oslo-Gardermoen C
Ivalo Helsinki A
Karlstad Alicante C
Karlstad Gran Canaria D
Karup Copenhagen A
Kefalonia London-Gatwick E
Kefalonia Oslo-Gardermoen C
Kiev Oslo-Gardermoen B
Kirkenes Oslo-Gardermoen A
Kirkenes Tromsø A
Kiruna Stockholm-Arlanda A
Kittila Helsinki A
Korfu Bergen C
Korfu Copenhagen C
Korfu Helsinki C
Korfu London-Gatwick E
Korfu Oslo-Gardermoen C
Korfu Stockholm-Arlanda C
Korfu Trondheim C
Korsika-Ajaccio Oslo-Gardermoen C
Korsika-Ajaccio Stockholm-Arlanda C
Kos Copenhagen C
Kos Oslo-Gardermoen C
Kos Stockholm-Arlanda C
Krakow Bergen B
Krakow Copenhagen B
Krakow Oslo-Gardermoen B
Krakow Stavanger B
Krakow Stockholm-Arlanda B
Krakow Trondheim B
Kristiansand Bergen A
Kristiansand Oslo-Gardermoen A
Lakselv Oslo-Gardermoen A
Lanzarote London-Gatwick D
Lanzarote Oslo-Gardermoen D
Lanzarote Stockholm-Arlanda E
La Palma London-Gatwick E
Las Vegas Copenhagen F
Las Vegas Stockholm-Arlanda F
Lefkas Preveza Oslo-Gardermoen C
Lisbon Copenhagen C
Lisbon Oslo-Gardermoen C
Liverpool Copenhagen B
London-Gatwick Aalborg B
London-Gatwick Algarve-Faro E
London-Gatwick Alicante E
London-Gatwick Barcelona E
London-Gatwick Bergen B
London-Gatwick Berlin-Schönefeld E
London-Gatwick Budapest E
London-Gatwick Copenhagen B
London-Gatwick Cyprus-Larnaca E
London-Gatwick Dubrovnik E
London-Gatwick Fort Lauderdale-Florida F
London-Gatwick Fuerteventura E
London-Gatwick Gothenburg-Landvetter B
London-Gatwick Gran Canaria E
London-Gatwick Grenoble E
London-Gatwick Helsinki B
London-Gatwick Ibiza E
London-Gatwick Kefalonia E
London-Gatwick Korfu E
London-Gatwick La Palma E
London-Gatwick Lanzarote E
London-Gatwick Los Angeles F
London-Gatwick Madeira E
London-Gatwick Madrid E
London-Gatwick Malaga E
London-Gatwick Mallorca-Palma E
London-Gatwick New York F
London-Gatwick Nice E
London-Gatwick Oslo-Gardermoen B
London-Gatwick Orlando G
London-Gatwick Rome-Fiumincio E
London-Gatwick Salzburg E
London-Gatwick San Juan F
London-Gatwick Sandefjord-Torp B
London-Gatwick Santorini E
London-Gatwick Sicily-Catania E
London-Gatwick Split E
London-Gatwick Stavanger B
London-Gatwick Stockholm-Arlanda B
London-Gatwick Tenerife E
London-Gatwick Tromsø B
London-Gatwick Trondheim B
London-Gatwick Warsaw E
London-Gatwick Ålesund B
Longyearbyen-Svalbard Oslo-Gardermoen B
Los Angeles Copenhagen G
Los Angeles London-Gatwick F
Los Angeles Oslo-Gardermoen G
Los Angeles Stockholm-Arlanda G
Lulea Stockholm-Arlanda A
Madeira Copenhagen D
Madeira London-Gatwick E
Madeira Oslo-Gardermoen D
Madrid Birmingham E
Madrid Copenhagen C
Madrid Dubrovnik C
Madrid Gran Canaria C
Madrid Hamburg C
Madrid Helsinki C
Madrid London-Gatwick E
Madrid Malta C
Madrid Nice C
Madrid Oslo-Gardermoen C
Madrid Sicily-Catania C
Madrid Stockholm-Arlanda C
Madrid Tenerife C
Madrid Warsaw C
Malaga Aalborg C
Malaga Bergen C
Malaga Birmingham E
Malaga Cologn Bonn C
Malaga Copenhagen C
Malaga Edinburgh E
Malaga Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Malaga Gran Canaria C
Malaga Hamburg C
Malaga Helsinki C
Malaga London-Gatwick E
Malaga Munich C
Malaga Oslo-Gardermoen C
Malaga Oslo-Rygge C
Malaga Sandefjord-Torp C
Malaga Stavanger C
Malaga Stockholm-Arlanda C
Malaga Tenerife C
Malaga Trondheim C
Malaga Warsaw C
Mallorca-Palma Aalborg C
Mallorca-Palma Bergen C
Mallorca-Palma Copenhagen C
Mallorca-Palma Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Mallorca-Palma Helsinki C
Mallorca-Palma London-Gatwick E
Mallorca-Palma Oslo-Gardermoen C
Mallorca-Palma Sandefjord-Torp C
Mallorca-Palma Stavanger C
Mallorca-Palma Stockholm-Arlanda C
Malmo Gran Canaria D
Malmo Stockholm-Arlanda A
Malta Copenhagen C
Malta Madrid C
Malta Oslo-Gardermoen C
Manchester Oslo-Gardermoen B
Manchester Stavanger B
Manchester Stockholm-Arlanda B
Marrakech Copenhagen D
Marrakech Oslo-Gardermoen D
Marrakech Stockholm-Arlanda D
Marseille-Provence Copenhagen C
Martinique Boston B
Martinique New York B
Martinique Washington/Baltimore B
Menorca Oslo-Gardermoen C
Milan Oslo-Gardermoen B
Molde Alicante C
Molde Oslo-Gardermoen A
Montenegro-Tivat Oslo-Gardermoen C
Montpellier Copenhagen C
Munich Alicante C
Munich Gran Canaria C
Munich Malaga C
Munich Oslo-Gardermoen B
Munich Stockholm-Arlanda B
Munich Tenerife C
Murcia-Alicante Bergen C
Murcia-Alicante Oslo-Gardermoen C
Murcia-Alicante Stavanger C
Murcia-Alicante Trondheim C
New York Bergen F
New York Copenhagen F
New York Guadeloupe B
New York London-Gatwick F
New York Martinique B
New York Oslo-Gardermoen F
New York Stockholm-Arlanda F
Nice Bergen C
Nice Copenhagen C
Nice Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Nice Helsinki C
Nice London-Gatwick E
Nice Madrid C
Nice Oslo-Gardermoen C
Nice Sandefjord-Torp C
Nice Stavanger C
Nice Stockholm-Arlanda C
Nice Trondheim C
Oakland - San Francisco Oslo-Gardermoen G
Oakland - San Francisco Stockholm-Arlanda G
Orlando Copenhagen G
Orlando Oslo-Gardermoen G
Orlando London-Gatwick G
Oslo-Gardermoen Aalborg B
Oslo-Gardermoen Agadir D
Oslo-Gardermoen Algarve-Faro C
Oslo-Gardermoen Alicante C
Oslo-Gardermoen Alta A
Oslo-Gardermoen Amsterdam B
Oslo-Gardermoen Andenes A
Oslo-Gardermoen Antalya C
Oslo-Gardermoen Athens C
Oslo-Gardermoen Bangkok G
Oslo-Gardermoen Barcelona C
Oslo-Gardermoen Bardufoss A
Oslo-Gardermoen Belgrade C
Oslo-Gardermoen Bergen A
Oslo-Gardermoen Berlin-Schönefeld B
Oslo-Gardermoen Bilbao C
Oslo-Gardermoen Billund B
Oslo-Gardermoen Bodø A
Oslo-Gardermoen Bordeaux C
Oslo-Gardermoen Bourgas C
Oslo-Gardermoen Bratislava B
Oslo-Gardermoen Budapest B
Oslo-Gardermoen Cologne Bonn B
Oslo-Gardermoen Copenhagen A
Oslo-Gardermoen Crete-Chania C
Oslo-Gardermoen Crete-Heraklion C
Oslo-Gardermoen Cyprus-Larnaca C
Oslo-Gardermoen Dalaman C
Oslo-Gardermoen Dubai D
Oslo-Gardermoen Dublin B
Oslo-Gardermoen Dubrovnik C
Oslo-Gardermoen Edinburgh B
Oslo-Gardermoen Fort Lauderdale-Florida G
Oslo-Gardermoen Fuerteventura D
Oslo-Gardermoen Gdansk B
Oslo-Gardermoen Geneva B
Oslo-Gardermoen Gran Canaria D
Oslo-Gardermoen Grenoble B
Oslo-Gardermoen Hamburg B
Oslo-Gardermoen Harstad/Narvik A
Oslo-Gardermoen Haugesund A
Oslo-Gardermoen Helsinki A
Oslo-Gardermoen Ibiza C
Oslo-Gardermoen Istanbul-Sabiha C
Oslo-Gardermoen Kefalonia C
Oslo-Gardermoen Kiev B
Oslo-Gardermoen Kirkenes A
Oslo-Gardermoen Korfu C
Oslo-Gardermoen Korsika-Ajaccio C
Oslo-Gardermoen Kos C
Oslo-Gardermoen Krakow B
Oslo-Gardermoen Kristiansand A
Oslo-Gardermoen Lakselv A
Oslo-Gardermoen Lanzarote D
Oslo-Gardermoen Lefkas Preveza C
Oslo-Gardermoen Lisbon C
Oslo-Gardermoen London-Gatwick B
Oslo-Gardermoen Longyearbyen-Svalbard B
Oslo-Gardermoen Los Angeles G
Oslo-Gardermoen Madeira D
Oslo-Gardermoen Madrid C
Oslo-Gardermoen Malaga C
Oslo-Gardermoen Mallorca-Palma C
Oslo-Gardermoen Malta C
Oslo-Gardermoen Manchester B
Oslo-Gardermoen Marrakech D
Oslo-Gardermoen Menorca C
Oslo-Gardermoen Milan B
Oslo-Gardermoen Molde A
Oslo-Gardermoen Montenegro-Tivat C
Oslo-Gardermoen Munich B
Oslo-Gardermoen Murcia-Alicante C
Oslo-Gardermoen New York F
Oslo-Gardermoen Nice C
Oslo-Gardermoen Oakland - San Francisco G
Oslo-Gardermoen Orlando G
Oslo-Gardermoen Palanga-Klaipeda B
Oslo-Gardermoen Paris-Orly B
Oslo-Gardermoen Pisa C
Oslo-Gardermoen Prague B
Oslo-Gardermoen Priština C
Oslo-Gardermoen Pula C
Oslo-Gardermoen Reykjavik B
Oslo-Gardermoen Rhodes C
Oslo-Gardermoen Riga B
Oslo-Gardermoen Rijeka C
Oslo-Gardermoen Rome-Fiumincio C
Oslo-Gardermoen Salzburg B
Oslo San Juan F
Oslo-Gardermoen Santorini C
Oslo-Gardermoen Sarajevo C
Oslo-Gardermoen Sardinia-Olbia C
Oslo-Gardermoen Sicily-Catania C
Oslo-Gardermoen Split C
Oslo-Gardermoen St Petersburg B
Oslo-Gardermoen Stavanger A
Oslo-Gardermoen Stockholm-Arlanda A
Oslo-Gardermoen Szezecin B
Oslo-Gardermoen Tallinn B
Oslo-Gardermoen Tenerife D
Oslo-Gardermoen Tromsø A
Oslo-Gardermoen Trondheim A
Oslo-Gardermoen Varna C
Oslo-Gardermoen Venice C
Oslo-Gardermoen Vienna B
Oslo-Gardermoen Vilnius B
Oslo-Gardermoen Visby-Gotland B
Oslo-Gardermoen Warsaw B
Oslo-Gardermoen Ålesund A
Oslo-Rygge Alicante C
Oslo-Rygge Gran Canaria D
Oslo-Rygge Malaga C
Oslo-Rygge Tenerife D
Oulu Alicante C
Oulu Gran Canaria D
Oulu Helsinki A
Oulu Tenerife D
Palanga-Klaipeda Oslo-Gardermoen B
Paris-Orly Bergen B
Paris-Orly Copenhagen B
Paris-Orly Helsinki B
Paris-Orly Oslo-Gardermoen B
Paris-Orly Stockholm-Arlanda B
Pisa Copenhagen C
Pisa Oslo-Gardermoen C
Pisa Stockholm-Arlanda C
Prague Bergen B
Prague Copenhagen B
Prague Helsinki B
Prague Oslo-Gardermoen B
Prague Stockholm-Arlanda B
Priština Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Priština Oslo-Gardermoen C
Pula Helsinki C
Pula Oslo-Gardermoen C
Pula Stockholm-Arlanda C
Reykjavik Bergen B
Reykjavik Copenhagen B
Reykjavik Oslo-Gardermoen B
Rhodes Copenhagen C
Rhodes Helsinki C
Rhodes Oslo-Gardermoen C
Rhodes Stockholm-Arlanda C
Riga Copenhagen B
Riga Oslo-Gardermoen B
Riga Stockholm-Arlanda B
Riga Trondheim B
Rijeka Oslo-Gardermoen C
Rome-Fiumincio Bergen C
Rome-Fiumincio Copenhagen C
Rome-Fiumincio Gothenburg-Landvetter C
Rome-Fiumincio Helsinki C
Rome-Fiumincio London-Gatwick E
Rome-Fiumincio Oslo-Gardermoen C
Rome-Fiumincio Stockholm-Arlanda C
Rovaniemi Helsinki A
Salzburg Bergen B
Salzburg Copenhagen B
Salzburg Gothenburg-Landvetter B
Salzburg Helsinki B
Salzburg London-Gatwick E
Salzburg Oslo-Gardermoen B
Salzburg Stavanger B
Salzburg Stockholm-Arlanda B
Sandefjord-Torp Alicante C
Sandefjord-Torp Antalya C
Sandefjord-Torp Barcelona C
Sandefjord-Torp Bergen A
Sandefjord-Torp Dubrovnik C
Sandefjord-Torp Gran Canaria D
Sandefjord-Torp London-Gatwick B
Sandefjord-Torp Malaga C
Sandefjord-Torp Mallorca-Palma C
Sandefjord-Torp Nice C
Sandefjord-Torp Tenerife D
Sandefjord-Torp Trondheim A
St Croix Copenhagen F
San Juan Copenhagen F
San Juan London-Gatwick F
San Juan Oslo-Gardermoen F
San Juan Stockholm-Arlanda F
Santorini Copenhagen C
Santorini Helsinki C
Santorini London-Gatwick E
Santorini Oslo-Gardermoen C
Santorini Stockholm-Arlanda C
Sarajevo Copenhagen C
Sarajevo Oslo-Gardermoen C
Sarajevo Stockholm-Arlanda C
Sardinia-Olbia Copenhagen C
Sardinia-Olbia Oslo-Gardermoen C
Sardinia-Olbia Stockholm-Arlanda C
Sicily-Catania Copenhagen C
Sicily-Catania London-Gatwick E
Sicily-Catania Madrid C
Sicily-Catania Oslo-Gardermoen C
Sicily-Catania Stockholm-Arlanda C
Sicily-Palermo Stockholm-Arlanda C
Split Bergen C
Split Copenhagen C
Split Helsinki C
Split London-Gatwick E
Split Oslo-Gardermoen C
Split Stavanger C
Split Stockholm-Arlanda C
Split Trondheim C
St Petersburg Oslo-Gardermoen B
Stavanger Alicante C
Stavanger Barcelona C
Stavanger Bergen A
Stavanger Berlin-Schönefeld B
Stavanger Copenhagen A
Stavanger Dubrovnik C
Stavanger Gran Canaria D
Stavanger Krakow B
Stavanger London-Gatwick B
Stavanger Malaga C
Stavanger Mallorca-Palma C
Stavanger Manchester B
Stavanger Murcia-Alicante C
Stavanger Nice C
Stavanger Oslo-Gardermoen A
Stavanger Salzburg B
Stavanger Split C
Stavanger Warsaw B
Stockholm-Arlanda Agadir D
Stockholm-Arlanda Algarve-Faro C
Stockholm-Arlanda Alicante C
Stockholm-Arlanda Amsterdam B
Stockholm-Arlanda Athens C
Stockholm-Arlanda Bangkok G
Stockholm-Arlanda Barcelona C
Stockholm-Arlanda Bastia C
Stockholm-Arlanda Belgrade C
Stockholm-Arlanda Bergen B
Stockholm-Arlanda Berlin-Schönefeld B
Stockholm-Arlanda Bordeaux C
Stockholm-Arlanda Bourgas C
Stockholm-Arlanda Budapest B
Stockholm-Arlanda Copenhagen A
Stockholm-Arlanda Crete-Chania C
Stockholm-Arlanda Crete-Heraklion C
Stockholm-Arlanda Cyprus-Larnaca C
Stockholm-Arlanda Dubai D
Stockholm-Arlanda Dubrovnik C
Stockholm-Arlanda Edinburgh B
Stockholm-Arlanda Fort Lauderdale-Florida G
Stockholm-Arlanda Geneva B
Stockholm-Arlanda Gothenburg-Landvetter A
Stockholm-Arlanda Gran Canaria D
Stockholm-Arlanda Grenoble B
Stockholm-Arlanda Helsinki A
Stockholm-Arlanda Kiruna A
Stockholm-Arlanda Korfu C
Stockholm-Arlanda Korsika-Ajaccio C
Stockholm-Arlanda Kos C
Stockholm-Arlanda Krakow B
Stockholm-Arlanda Lanzarote D
Stockholm Las Vegas F
Stockholm-Arlanda London-Gatwick B
Stockholm-Arlanda Los Angeles G
Stockholm-Arlanda Lulea A
Stockholm-Arlanda Madrid C
Stockholm-Arlanda Malaga C
Stockholm-Arlanda Mallorca-Palma C
Stockholm-Arlanda Malmo A
Stockholm-Arlanda Manchester B
Stockholm-Arlanda Marrakech D
Stockholm-Arlanda Munich B
Stockholm-Arlanda New York F
Stockholm-Arlanda Nice C
Stockholm-Arlanda Oakland - San Francisco G
Stockholm-Arlanda Oslo-Gardermoen A
Stockholm-Arlanda Paris-Orly B
Stockholm-Arlanda Pisa C
Stockholm-Arlanda Prague B
Stockholm-Arlanda Pula C
Stockholm-Arlanda Rhodes C
Stockholm-Arlanda Riga B
Stockholm-Arlanda Rome-Fiumincio C
Stockholm-Arlanda Salzburg B
Stockholm-Arlanda San Juan F
Stockholm-Arlanda Santorini C
Stockholm-Arlanda Sarajevo C
Stockholm-Arlanda Sardinia-Olbia C
Stockholm-Arlanda Sicily-Catania C
Stockholm-Arlanda Sicily-Palermo C
Stockholm-Arlanda Split C
Stockholm-Arlanda Tel Aviv D
Stockholm-Arlanda Tenerife D
Stockholm-Arlanda Umea A
Stockholm-Arlanda Vaasa A
Stockholm-Arlanda Venice C
Stockholm-Arlanda Vilnius B
Stockholm-Arlanda Visby-Gotland A
Szezecin Oslo-Gardermoen B
Tallinn Oslo-Gardermoen B
Tel Aviv Stockholm-Arlanda D
Tenerife Bergen D
Tenerife Berlin-Schönefeld C
Tenerife Cologn Bonn C
Tenerife Copenhagen D
Tenerife Gothenburg-Landvetter D
Tenerife Hamburg C
Tenerife Helsinki D
Tenerife London-Gatwick E
Tenerife Madrid C
Tenerife Malaga C
Tenerife Munich C
Tenerife Oslo-Gardermoen D
Tenerife Oslo-Rygge D
Tenerife Oulu D
Tenerife Sandefjord-Torp D
Tenerife Stockholm-Arlanda D
Tenerife Trondheim D
Tenerife Trondheim D
Tromsø Alicante C
Tromsø Alta A
Tromsø Gran Canaria D
Tromsø Kirkenes A
Tromsø London-Gatwick B
Tromsø Oslo-Gardermoen A
Tromsø Trondheim A
Trondheim Alicante C
Trondheim Antalya C
Trondheim Barcelona C
Trondheim Bergen A
Trondheim Berlin-Schönefeld B
Trondheim Copenhagen B
Trondheim Dubrovnik C
Trondheim Gran Canaria D
Trondheim Harstad/Narvik A
Trondheim Korfu C
Trondheim Krakow B
Trondheim London-Gatwick B
Trondheim Malaga C
Trondheim Murcia-Alicante C
Trondheim Nice C
Trondheim Oslo-Gardermoen A
Trondheim Riga B
Trondheim Sandefjord-Torp A
Trondheim Split C
Trondheim Tenerife D
Trondheim Tromsø A
Turku Alicante C
Umea Alicante C
Umea Gran Canaria D
Umea Stockholm-Arlanda A
Vaasa Stockholm-Arlanda A
Varna Oslo-Gardermoen C
Venice Copenhagen C
Venice Helsinki C
Venice Oslo-Gardermoen C
Venice Stockholm-Arlanda C
Vienna Oslo-Gardermoen B
Vilnius Oslo-Gardermoen B
Vilnius Stockholm-Arlanda B
Visby-Gotland Oslo-Gardermoen B
Visby-Gotland Stockholm-Arlanda A
Warsaw Barcelona C
Warsaw Bergen B
Warsaw Gran Canaria C
Warsaw London-Gatwick E
Warsaw Madrid C
Warsaw Malaga C
Warsaw Oslo-Gardermoen B
Warsaw Stavanger B
Warsaw Tenerife D
Ålesund Alicante C
Ålesund Bergen A
Ålesund Gran Canaria D
Ålesund London-Gatwick B
Ålesund Oslo-Gardermoen A

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