Youth tickets

For passengers under 26

Get an extra nice price on our flights exclusive to travelers between 12 and 25 with subject to availability.
Use the campaign code UNDER26 when booking your flight or book directly below.

All travelers must be under 26 and able to present a valid ID upon check-in or boarding.
Travelers over 26 must book tickets separately.

  • In order to book a youth ticket, travelers must be aged between 12 and 25, and cannot be 26 years or older at the date of departure.
  • Travelers must be able to prove their age by presenting a valid ID upon check-in or boarding (i.e. passport, national ID card, driving license). Failing this, the traveller may not be accepted on board, and Norwegian will not be liable to refund of ticket or other expenses. ID checks will be performed.
  • Passengers failing to prove that they meet all conditions to travel with a Youth ticket, and/or having misused and/or obtained the discount incorrectly, will be required to pay a penalty.
  • Children (2-11 years old) can travel on Youth Tickets when accompanied by another person (16-25 years old). Child discount is not applicable for bookings with campaign code UNDER26.
  • Unaccompanied minors cannot travel on Youth Tickets.
  • We occasionally perform ID spot checks that will require travelers to check in at our check in counters, so we recommend to always allow good time at the airport to ensure travelers make their flight.
  • Any changes to the booking are subject to our standard terms.
  • Youth tickets are applicable for selected routes within our network and subject to availability.
  • Norwegian reserves the right to initiate any civil and criminal actions resulting from any fraudulent or unlawful actions related to your booking or the use of a Youth ticket.