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Flights to Düsseldorf Germany

Best prices from to Düsseldorf

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Why visit Düsseldorf

Fly to Düsseldorf in Germany and experience a contemporary art and design scene that rivals any in Europe, a plethora of superb green spaces, and a stunning harbour, revamped by the likes of starchitect Frank Gehry. Book a flight to this city on the right bank of the Rhine river for its dozens of museums and galleries, most notably the North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection, and take a stroll through its many parks, including Germany’s first ever public park, the Hofgarten, which dates back to the 18th century. Take a boat tour along the Rhine, explore the Altstadt (old town) and purr over an incredible collection of classic cars at the Classic Remise Düsseldorf. Book a cheap flight to Düsseldorf now to enjoy one of the centres of German cool.  

Flying with Norwegian

  • Flexible tickets
    You can make changes to your ticket up until 30 minutes before take-off.

  • In-flight entertainment
    Fly Norwegian, and you’ll have entertainment at your fingertips. Video on Demand is available on most flights.

  • New aircraft - low emissions
    Fly with one of the youngest fleets in the world, which means less emissions and a more comfortable flight.

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