When Norwegian's first Boeing 737-300 took off in 2002, the company challenged a well-established and long-standing monopoly in the aviation industry. It was therefore a natural decision for us to decorate the tail fins of our aircraft with the portraits of people who have broken boundaries, challenged norms and inspired others.

Today, our fleet consists mainly of Boeing 737-800 aircraft, and we fly to key destinations in Europe and the inspiration for our tail heroes come from across the continent. Below is a list of some of the heroes that adorn the tailfins of our aircraft.

Meet some of our tail fin heroes

Aksel Sandemose 

Norwegian Author

Christopher Polhem 

Swedish Inventor

Asta Nielsen

Danish Actress

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

Norwegian Author

Vilhelm Bjerknes

Norwegian Meterologist

Sonja Henie

Norwegian Figure skater

Otto Sverdrup

Norwegian Explorer


United for children

Carl Larsson

Swedish Artist

Carl Nielsen 

Danish Composer

Fridtjof Nansen

Norwegian Explorer

Georg Brandes

Danish Literary Critic

Cristopher Columbus

Explorer of the New World

Ludvig Holberg

Danish/Norwegian writer




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