Bilbao Spanien

What to do in Bilbao?

San Sebastián and Bilbao have elevated the humble bar snack to an art form. Pintxos are a type of tapas on cocktail sticks that come in great variety, to be grazed on with your drinks, as part of the ritual txikiteo – a kind of Basque pub crawl. In San Sebastian, about an hour west of Bilbao, find classic pintxos at Gandarias – go for the gilda (olive, anchovy and pepper) or a solomillo (a small bite of steak). You can experiment with contemporary inventions at A Fuego Negro and Bar Zeruko, and Basque nouvelle cuisine at La Cuchara de San Telmo. In Bilbao, you’ll find high-end creative Basque cuisine at Etxanobe and a contemporary interpretation of the classics at Los Fueros.

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