Seats for children

You're welcome to use your own child safety restraint system (CRS) on board our flights, provided that the restraint systems are certified and marked as such.

We want to ensure a comfortable flight experience for both adults and children.

Infants (age 0-2) must sit on your lap during the duration of the flight. Our cabin crew will provide you with a safety belt and a life vest for your child before taking off.

If you wish to book a separate seat for your infant, you must purchase a child ticket. Infants occupying their own seat must be placed in an approved and marked car seat/child seat and secured in the seat next to you. For safety reasons, the car seat/child seat should always be positioned at the window seat.

It is free of charge to bring a car seat/child seat on board for your infant if the child is traveling on a child ticket.

The car seat/child seat should be forward-facing and must be secured with the seat's built-in belt.

Small children (age 2-11) must sit in their own seat during the flight and travel on a child ticket.

Child safety restraint devices

The following child safety restraint devices can be used on our flights. Please notice that there might be some limitations due to difference of the seat width in different aircrafts (as detailed in the table below).

  • Child seats that have been approved by a member state of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Transport Canada for exclusive use in aircraft and are marked accordingly.
  • Child seats that are approved in accordance with safety standard ECE R44/03, 04 or a later version for use in motor vehicles and for children with reduced mobility.
  • Restraint devices that are approved in accordance with Canadian standard CMVSS 213 in case of a Child restraint device, or 213.1 in case of an infant restraint device.Child seats approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft according to US FMVSS No 213 and bearing one or two labels displaying the following two sentences: a. ‘THIS CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM CONFORMS TO ALL APPLICABLE FEDERAL MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARDS’; and b. in red letters ‘THIS RESTRAINT IS CERTIFIED FOR USE IN MOTOR VEHICLES AND AIRCRAFT’
  • Seats which carry the TÜV Reinland seal of approval “For use in Aircraft”.
  • Aviation-only approved ACSD.
Aircraft Type Seat Type Narrowest Seat
737-800   409 mm
737-MAX   410 mm

Seating when travelling with children

If you are travelling with children, you will add the number of children and their ages when making a booking. You will then automatically be assigned a seat close to them for free of charge by our seating allocation to make sure your child is never seated alone. We always aim to seat you right next to each other, but this cannot be guaranteed unless you purchase seats during or after your booking. We will however still make sure each child under 12 is seated close to an adult on your booking, but we may only be able to arrange this at the airport or on board.