Wheelchair and mobility assistance

It's easy to let us know online about the level of wheelchair assistance you need.

Request wheelchair assistance

If you're travelling with your own wheelchair, or you need a bit of extra help getting from check-in to the boarding gate, you can request wheelchair assistance online or through our Contact Centre.

It's best to make your request at least 48 hours before departure (but of course we'll do our best to help if you book later than this).

Travelling with an electric wheelchair

You'll need to call our Contact Centre to make your booking if you're travelling with an electric wheelchair. We'll ask you to give us the measurements for your wheelchair and details on the battery type to ensure we are able to accommodate it.
Your electric wheelchair must not exceed 140 x 114 x 85 cm (L x W x H), with a maximum weight of 200 kg.

There's also a limit on how many electric wheelchairs we can accept on certain flights, so it's best to book as early as possible.

  • 737-800 aircraft: max 5 electric wheelchairs per flight
  • 737-MAX aircraft: max 5 electric wheelchairs per flight

If the battery needs to be removed from your wheelchair during transport, it must be placed in protective packaging and carried with you in the cabin. You must provide the protective packaging for the battery.

Please familiarise yourself with our regulations around travelling with batteries for mobility aids before you fly.

Connecting flights

We need a 90 minute connection time if you're travelling with an electric wheelchair or if you're unable to walk from the aircraft door to your seat.

Your baggage allowance

You can bring your wheelchair or mobility aid in addition to your checked baggage allowance at no extra cost.

  • You can bring up to two mobility aids or wheelchairs for your personal use.

Check-in at the airport

To make sure we have time to take care of anything you might need, we recommend you arrive at check in at least two hours before scheduled departure. Let our airport representatives know if there's anything else specific (either at the airport or on board the aircraft) that we can do to help. Check-in must be completed at least one hour before departure.

At most airports, you can use your own wheelchair or mobility aid until you reach the boarding gate. If this isn't possible, we'll organise a wheelchair for you to use at the airport.

On board your flight

Our aircraft are designed to be comfortable and accessible for everyone.

Accessible toilets

  • On all our flights, we have toilets that have disability accessible features. 
  • Our cabin crew cannot assist you in the toilet, but efforts will be made in order to assist you to and from the toilet.