Safety assistant

Most passengers can fly independently with us, but in some cases a safety assistant may be needed to provide help in an emergency and to comply with safety regulations.

When you need a safety assistant

You'll need to fly with a safety assistant if you require help to do any of the following:

  • unfasten your seat belt
  • retrieve and fit your life vest
  • reach an emergency exit unaided
  • fit an oxygen mask
  • understand safety instructions given by the cabin crew (either verbally or visually)

Help from your safety assistant

  • Your safety assistant must be at least 16 years old and be capable of providing the above assistance during your flight.
  • They can only assist one passenger per flight and need to purchase a regular adult fare.

Help from our cabin crew

  • Please keep in mind when deciding whether you need to travel with a safety assistant that our cabin crew cannot lift you or assist you in the toilet (but they can help you get to and from the toilet).
  • They can help with simple preparations for a meal, but won't be able to help you eat or administer medication.