Kirkenes Norway

Why travel to Kirkenes?

We fly from London via Oslo to Kirkenes which is located on the border with Russia and offers scenic experiences throughout the year. Join a crab safari followed by a short-distance king crab meal or enjoy nature in the midnight sun in summer or the northern lights in winter!

Why fly to Kirkenes with Norwegian

We fly directly from Oslo to Kirkenes and rather give you the freedom to choose, so you can choose to fly at the lowest possible price - without entering into compromises on quality. The earlier you book, the cheaper tickets the tickets.

People on snowmobiles
Safari on snowmobile in Kirkenes. (Credit - Visit Norway).
"Girl on king crap safari in Kirkenes"""
"King crap safari in Kirkenes (Bilde: Visit Norway)
Group in boat rafting in Kirkenes
Boat rafting in Kirkenes (Bilde: Yngve AskVisit Norway)

Flying with Norwegian

  • New aircraft - low emissions
    Fly with one of the youngest fleets in the world, which means less emissions and a more comfortable flight.