Special assistance

We understand everyone's needs are unique, so please let us know well before your flight how we can help.

  • Wheelchair and mobility

    Find out about travelling with manual and electric wheelchairs, mobility aids, seating and accessible onboard toilets.

  • Hearing impairment

    Find out how to request assistance and whether you'll need to travel with a safety assistant.

  • Vision impairment

    All about booking special assistance and information on if it's necessary for you to fly with a safety assistant.

  • Service dogs

    How to book your service dog on our flights, and what regulations you need to be aware of.

  • Safety assistant

    Find out if we require you to travel with a safety assistant.

  • Seating on board

    All about special assistance seating and accessible toilets on your flight.

  • Medical conditions

    Information on travelling with medicine and medical equipment, when you'll require medical clearance and flying while pregnant.

  • Flying pregnant

    All information that you should know when you are flying while pregnant. Discover all terms and conditions.