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Our Story

The Norwegian story began over 27 years ago - we were founded in 1993 but only began operating as a low-cost carrier with bigger Boeing 737 aircraft in 2002. Our core values have remained the same since the beginning – to offer affordable fares for all and to allow customers to travel the smart way by offering value and choice throughout their journey.

The Norwegian brand expanded across the globe as the airline launched short haul services across Europe and then entered the long haul sector serving the US, Asia and South America.

In 2018 the company changed course to focus on core destinations and the right sizing of the airline in response to customer demand and global industry trends.

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 in the first half of 2020 accelerated this process and allowed the company to restructure its’ financial position and focus on creating a New Norwegian which could respond to new market conditions and become a more resilient business. This opportunity also provided a platform to rethink our customer proposition, allowing greater choice, increased digitalization and personalization throughout the customer journey.

Norwegian has become part of the fabric of Nordic culture and we take great pride in exporting our Nordic values across the world.

Today, New Norwegian still stands for excellent service and great value.

Our route network focuses on connecting key cities and primary airports on both our long haul and short haul network.
We will explore new ancillaries that provide our customers with greater choice and flexibility to allow them to travel at a cost and service level that suits their individual needs.

We will continue to support jobs, tourism and the wider economies in the destinations that we serve by providing vital air links that will benefit the leisure, business and trade industries.
We will fortify the Nordics as the cornerstone of the New Norwegian strategy.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do.

We operate a modern and fuel efficient fleet consisting of Boeing 787 Dreamliners on our long haul fleet and Boeing 737s on short haul.

Flying brings people together and is of great value to society. But flying also comes at a cost to our environment. At Norwegian we fly smart, with one of the newest fleets in the industry. Our low-cost business model reduces fuel and resource consumption – cutting both ticket prices and carbon emissions at the same time.

Lighter materials and more efficient engines reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Over the last 10 years we have invested billions in new aircraft improving our carbon efficiency by 33 %, we are 33 % more efficient than industry average on transatlantic flights.

We were the first airline in the world to join the UN Climate Secretariat’s climate action-initiative in 2019, pledging to work systematically to become carbon neutral by 2050. We currently offset over 40 % of our total CO2-emissions through the EU Emission Trading System. In 2019 we also launched a voluntary offsetting option for our customers with our partner CHOOOSE to make it easy for customers to offset their carbon footprint when buying a ticket.

We use the latest weather information from AVTECH which provides Norwegian’s pilots with advanced data, enabling them to optimize the flight paths for improved fuel efficiency reducing CO2 emissions by an additional 10,000 – 15,000 tons per year.

In 2019 Norwegian implemented SkyBreathewhich is another fuel and emission reducing tool. The SkyBreathe application leverages Big Data algorithms developed through an EU-funded Clean Sky Project. Thanks to SkyBreathe we can reduces emissions by 140,000 tons per year.

We aim to become the most carbon and resource efficient airline in the world by adopting new technology when commercially available.

We continue to win best in class awards.

We have an impressive track record of winning coveted customer awards across the world. From being voted for six consecutive years as Europe’s Best Low Cost airline and for five consecutive years the World’s Best Low Cost Long Haul Airline by Skytrax to winning Airline Program of the Year Europe & Africa for the fourth consecutive year at the 2020 Freddie Awards.

In total Norwegian has won over 55 awards for our service, product and innovation in the industry since 2012.
When you choose Norwegian you can rest assured that you are travelling with a best in class airline recognized by customers and industry peers alike.

A service and product designed for the customer.

Our customers want value, choice and flexibility. We have designed our services and products to provide low fares while offering the highest standards. Passengers can choose different fare types to suit their requirements and add on board meals, luggage and preferred seating if they wish to do so.

Our short haul aircraft have a modern and spacious cabin equipped with free Wi-Fi allowing you to stay connected for leisure or business from gate to gate.

On long haul our 787 Dreamliners have an industry leading cabin air and pressure environment that means you to arrive at your destination felling relaxed and suffering less jet lag. The majority of our Dreamliners are also equipped with free Wi-Fi so staying connected has never been easier in addition to our free seat back entertainment showcasing the latest films and box sets.

Our affordable Premium cabin on long haul means you can indulge in a premium flying experience, minus the premium price tag. Larger seats, offering one of the best seat pitches in the industry, allow customers to sit back and relax throughout the journey. In addition our Premium customers can enjoy a complimentary meal and drinks.

Our Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 737 series aircraft incorporate the latest cabin air circulation technology to ensure that a constant mix of outside air and HEPA filtered recirculated air flows from the top to the bottom of the cabin and not from the front to the back of the aircraft.

The air flow system minimizes the risks of any contaminants spreading through the cabin and ensures a comfortable and safe environment for our customers throughout their journey

Fun Facts

  • Our aircraft are referred to as "Red Nose" because the front (the "nose") is painted red
  • The tail fins on our aircraft feature a portrait of a hero that has challenged the established and inspired others
  • We taught Norway’s air travellers to book their flights online
  • Norwegian has been named the most fuel-efficient airline on transatlantic routes
  • Norwegian is today the largest foreign airline to fly between New York and Europe, based on passenger numbers

Learn More About Our Story

Our Aircraft

Norwegian has one of the newest and most fuel-efficient fleets in Europe. This is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet.

Awards & Recognitions

The many awards and accolades prove that our passengers appreciate our new aircraft, friendly service, low fares and exciting destinations.

Year by Year

We were founded in 1993, but only began operating as a low-cost carrier with bigger Boeing 737 aircraft in 2002. Today, we are one of the world’s biggest low cost airlines.

Tail Fin Heroes

The tail fin of our aircraft are adorned with portraits of heroes who have pushed boundaries, challenged the established and been a major source of inspiration.

Flight Operations

Norwegian holds five Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC). In our operations we give safety the highest priority.

Vision & Values

We believe in affordable fares for all, as reflected in our vision, values, operational priorities and goals.