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Flights to Geneva Switzerland

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Flights to Geneva

Flights to Geneva

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Why go

Because beneath its polished exterior there’s plenty of personality, if you care to seek it out. 

Local hotspot

Plainpalais, a youthful district stuffed with bars, independent shops and street-food joints.

You probably didn’t know

Switzerland is a winegrowing nation and Geneva is its third largest production area.

Suggested reading

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein (1818) after visiting Geneva – several scenes are set in the city and the nearby Salève mountain. For something less Gothic, maybe Swiss Watching (2010) by Diccon Bewes.

Things to do in Geneva

Hamburger Foundation

Away from the tourist centre, the slightly shady Pâquis district is home to Geneva’s best burger joint, Hamburger Foundation, a restaurant born out of the city’s current trend for food trucks – it has two, which rove the city daily. At the back of the room, an unassuming  doorway leads to sister establishment Chez Henri, an oyster bar that makes for a classy apéro.

Café Papon

Occupying a beautiful building and large outdoor terrace in the Old Town, Café Papon serves many local, seasonal specialities such as fera (lake fish), steak tartare and wild boar. There’s a well-priced dish of the day every lunchtime.

La Buvette des Bains des Pâquis

Right on the lake and part of the city’s 1930s public swimming baths, La Buvette des Bains des Pâquis is a relaxed spot for a light lunch on the terrace in summer, or a fondue on a winter’s evening. Kids are welcome, and there’s a child-friendly dish of the day at lunchtimes.

Café des Negociants

Swiss celebrity chef Philippe Chevrier owns numerous restaurants in his native city including Café des Negociants, a classy but unstuffy bistro in the lovely Italianate suburb of Carouge, which serves a particularly fine steak and chips.

Fly to Geneva, dine at Café des Negociants.
Classy bistro Café des Negociants in the suburb of Carouge.

La Verre à Monique

A clutch of imaginative cocktail bars have sprung up in Geneva in recent years, and La Verre à Monique in the arty Quartier des Bains is one of the best. The quirky thrift-shop decor, low lighting and stylish cocktails served in cut glass tumblers create a speakeasy feel.

Le Kraken

A bar hop along the lively Rue de l’Ecole de Médecine should include the eccentrically decorated Le Kraken, which stocks the beers of local artisan brewery Calvinus, named after the city’s founding father.

Chat Noir

The diverse line-up of live music, comedy and club nights at Chat Noir in Carouge has given the place a devoted following. Start with dinner and cocktails before the gig. 

Yvette de Marseille

Tucked away in the Eaux-Vives district, former mechanic’s garage Yvette de Marseille is a popular neighbourhood bar with a good drinks selection, a funky soundtrack and a lovely outdoor terrace.

Fly to Geneva, have a cocktail at La Verre à Monique.
La Verre à Monique, one of the best cocktail bars in Geneva.

Plainpalais flea market

The Plainpalais flea market is the place to rummage for second-hand clothes, trinkets and antiques every Wednesday, Saturday and first Sunday of the month. Nearby Café Remor is a good post-shop hangout for coffee and people-watching on the terrace outside.


New in town, Foound is a concept space designed to house and promote local designers and entrepreneurs. Clothes and jewellery boutiques share space with a tattoo parlour, a yoga company and a street art collective.


Pretty Carouge is the antidote to the slick designer shops in the centre of town, firstly for the beauty of its Sardinian-style architecture, and secondly for the artisan workshops and idiosyncratic boutiques dotted along its streets.

Fly to Geneva, visit the Plainpalais flea market.
Plainpalais flea market (Photo: Michel Frossard © Genève Tourisme)

Musée d’ethnographie de Genève (MEG)

Many of Geneva’s art museums and commercial galleries are clustered in the Quartier des Bains, including modern art museum MAMCO and the recently renovated Musée d’ethnographie de Genève (MEG), with its diverse collections from five continents. Look out for the Nuit des Bains, a popular open-house evening, which is staged four times a year.

Victoria Hall

For quality classical music head to the sumptuous Victoria Hall, built in honour of the British monarch. As well as staging regular concerts by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the hall welcomes a line-up of visiting international orchestras and choirs.

Red Cross Museum

The moving permanent exhibition at the recently revamped Red Cross Museum is well worth the bus ride to the Nations district. Visitors can also buy honey made by 50,000 bees kept on the museum’s roof.

Bastions Park

The city centre Bastions Park is ideal for some family time out. There’s a children’s playground, giant chessboards and, in winter, an ice-rink next to the café that’s free to the public (skates can be hired on site).

Fly to Geneva, hang out in Bastions Park.
Bastions Park in the city centre of Geneva (Photo: Michel Frossard © Genève Tourisme)

Events to look out for

  • Antigel Festival (February)
  • Open Cellars vineyard event (May)
  • Bol d’Or sailing race (June)
  • Lake Parade (July)
  • Geneva Festival fireworks (August)
  • L’Escalade festival (December)
  • La Nuit des Bains (January, March, May, December)
Fly to Geneva in December, visit L’Escalade festival.
L’Escalade festival (Photo: Olivier Miche © Genève Tourisme)

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