Our aircraft

Norwegian has one of the newest and greenest fleets in the world. High fuel-efficiency is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Norwegian operates around 100 aircraft consisting of Boeing 737-800s for its short-haul operation and 787 Dreamliners for its long-haul operation. With an average fleet age of just four years  one of the youngest fleets in the world, we believe that new aircraft is a win-win for the company's costs, the environment, passenger comfort and affordable fares.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The 787 Dreamliner is a plane for the future, with high passenger comfort, low operating costs and reduced emissions.

The Dreamliner is the most technically advanced aircraft in the skies today. It's also the most environmentally friendly option available, with 20 percent less emissions than other comparable aircraft.

The 787 Dreamliner also features a number of innovations that will benefit passengers, such as larger windows and a more silent cabin. In conventional planes, the pressure in the cabin is set to simulate an altitude of 2,400 metres. The 787 Dreamliner is set at 1,800 metres. In turn this reduces typical “jet lag” symptoms such as headaches and muscle pain.

Facts about Norwegian's Dreamliner

  • Norwegian has eight 787 Dreamliner aircraft today. All in all, we have ordered 19 Dreamliners for our long-haul operations, but we're looking for more!
  • 291 seats (32 in the Premium cabin and 259 in the Economy cabin)
  • Min. two pilots and eight cabin crew, for extended flights max. four pilots and 12 cabin crew
  • Two Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines
  • Max. start weight: 227,900kg
  • Length: 57m
  • Height: 17m
  • Wingspan: 60m
  • Thrust: 70,000lbs per engine
  • Cruise speed: 903kph

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Boeing 737-800

The 737-800 is one of the greenest planes in the world because of its high efficiency and long range.

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft serve all the routes in our short-haul network. Our fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft offers good legroom for our passengers, while most of the aircraft feature the sleek Boeing Sky Interior and in-flight WiFi. All Boeing 737-800 have performance enhancing winglets installed.

Facts about Norwegian's Boeing 737-800

  • 90 aircraft
  • 186 / 189 seats
  • Two pilots and four cabin crew members
  • Two CFM 56-7B26 engines
  • Max start weight: 78,999kg
  • Length: 39.5m
  • Height: 12.5m
  • Wingspan: 35.8m
  • Thrust: 26,400lbs per engine
  • Cruise speed: 858kph

Boeing 737-300

737-300 with winglets.

The Boeing 737-300 is a short to medium haul single-aisle aircraft that entered service in 1984 and went out of production in 1999. Norwegian is currently in a process of phasing out the remaining four Boeing 737-300 from its fleet.

The majority of the -300 fleet has a 148 seat configuration. The aircraft are retrofitted with performance enhancing winglets and have new Recaro seats that increase passenger legroom.

Facts about Norwegian's Boeing 737-300

  • Four Boeing 737-300
  • 148 seats
  • Two pilots, three cabin crew
  • Two General Electric/Snecma CFM-56-3 (Commersial Fan Moteur)
  • Max start weight: 61.915 kg - 63.265 kg
  • Length: 33.4 metres
  • Wingspan: 28.91 metres
  • Thrust:  22.000 per engine
  • Cruise speed: 797 kph

Free in-flight WiFi

Being in the sky shouldn’t mean being out of touch. Or bored. Or behind. Fly with us and you can go online mid-air. Free WiFi is available on most of our flights in Europe and on our flights between the U.S and the Caribbean. 

In-flight entertainment

Fly Norwegian, and you’ll have entertainment at your fingertips at any time, either with Video On Demand on your device on short haul flights or our award-winning entertainment system on long haul flights.

Sky interior

Our 787 Dreamliners and 787-800s are fitted with the Boeing Sky Interior. This means improved passenger comfort, with mood lighting and more cabin space, amongst other things.