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Livable Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the home of fairy tales and at the same time a buzzing and innovative hub of modern architecture, Danish design, New Nordic cuisine and sustainable solutions. The real attraction in this Scandinavian capital, however, is the laid-back lifestyle. You have to live it to believe it. With Norwegian flights from New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Boston and Las Vegas, it has never been easier to try it.

Why Copenhagen?

Fly to Copenhagen, experience the casually sophisticated lifestyle.

The lifestyle

Copenhagen is a city large enough for every kind of life philosophy, but small enough to bicycle from one end to the other. It is all there, the urban pulse in the cobbled streets, the castles and bell towers, the artists, makers and the green grass, the mothers, babies and their strollers, the hipsters and their dreams, the prince and the queen. The Copenhageners excel in combining simple and sustainable solutions with a casually sophisticated lifestyle. A lifestyle based on tradition, history and culture, yet constantly moving forward, giving Copenhagen a unique blend between the harmonies of old world charm and the progressive beat of a truly cosmopolitan city.

Fly to Copenhagen, experience the Danish bike culture.

Bike culture

Life in Copenhagen is lived in the saddle of a bicycle. Everybody does it. Bike that is. In Copenhagen we bike whether there is sun, rain or snow. We bike to work, to school, to bring the kids to kindergarten, to shop for groceries and to social gatherings.

It is simply our way of life, and if you want to experience Copenhagen the local way, you have to jump in the saddle.

Fly to Copenhagen, try the Danish cuisine.

The Danish Cuisine

Seasonal ingredients. Organic. Innovative. These are just some of the words describing the Danish and New Nordic cuisine today. In the past, Danish food was not on anybody's lips, and certainly no one would travel to eat it. This has changed drastically with the opening of the world's best restaurant, noma, in Copenhagen and the Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen. Nowadays, Copenhagen is one of the leading gastronomic destinations in the world. Dig in!

Fly to Copenhagen, experience Danish design and architecture.

Design & Architecture

Functional. Edgy. Timeless. Minimalistic. Quality. Danish design, whether it is furniture or clothing, is known all over the world for its clean, simple lines, great materials and classic creations that never go out of style. On a larger scale, the recent architectural boom in Copenhagen is inspired by light, water, open spaces and sustainability.

Top attractions

  1. Tivoli Gardens – the old amusement park
  2. The statue of the little mermaid
  3. The freetown of Christiania
  4. Amalienborg Castle - The Royal Palace
  5. Nyhavn – the charming old harbor with the colored houses and restaurants
  6. Strøget – one of Europe's longest pedestrian and shopping streets
Fly to Copenhagen, see Amalienborg Castle.
Amalienborg Castle

Flying with Norwegian

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Get a comfortable flight with Norwegian.
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