Seating on board

Even if you're a frequent traveller, it's nice to know what you can expect on board our flights.

Seat allocation

It's not necessary for you to reserve a seat when making a booking if you request special assistance. We'll assign you a suitable seat free of charge when you check in at the airport, based on the type of assistance you require.

  • You'll be seated close to the toilets.
  • Your seat will have movable armrests.
  • If you're travelling with a safety assistant, you'll be seated together.

If you'd like a different seat to the one we have assigned, but it's not relevant to your disability, you may be asked to pay for a seat reservation.

Our seats with extra legroom are often in an emergency exit row – for safety reasons, if you have reduced mobility or a disability we cannot seat you in these rows.

Support seating and harnesses

All our passengers over 2 years of age must sit upright in their own seat, but sometimes a little extra support may be helpful.

If you need to use a special seat or a support harness, you must supply your own and your safety assistant must know how to use it. We accept the following types of seating support on board:

  • Specially approved supportive child seats (AIC-35/09) can be placed in the ordinary seat in a way that your child can sit leaned back during take-off and landing. This is only an option for children over 2 years of age that can fit into this special seat.
  • A body splint that supports you (especially your head) in a sitting position may be used on board.
  • A Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority approved support harness.


We do not accept stretchers on board our flights.

Seating when travelling with people with disabilities

Passengers traveling with individuals who have disabilities will be allowed to sit together during the flight, ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone. This service comes free of charge. In most cases we will seat you next to each other, but if this is not possible, we will make sure that you are seated in the same row or no more than one row away from each other.