Flying while pregnant

We welcome mums-to-be on our flights! For you and your baby's safety, you may need a medical certificate to fly with us at some stages of your pregnancy.

Up to 4 weeks before due date

You can fly with us up to 4 weeks before your due date without a medical certificate

Between 4 to 2 weeks before due date

Your flight cannot be longer than 4 hours and we require a medical certificate to confirm that you're fit to fly. If you're travelling on a return flight, please make sure the certificate covers you for the whole period. Please keep this certificate available in your hand luggage at all times during your flight/s. On international flights we require this certificate to be in English.

Less than 2 weeks before due date

For you and your baby's safety, you cannot fly with us if it's less than 2 weeks before your due date.