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Restricted items

For everyone's safety, there are restrictions on what can be packed in your checked or hand baggage, and limits on how much liquid can be brought through security.

Liquids in hand baggage

You can bring a limited amount of liquid, cream and gel through security:

  • Max. 100 mls per container
  • You must pack all containers in one transparent, resealable bag (max. 1L)

The following items may be allowed over these limits:

  • Baby food and milk/formula needed on the flight – you may have to taste test if asked by security staff.
  • Medication needed for your trip – label it and bring a prescription or medical certificate in your hand baggage.
  • Tax free – pay careful attention to the restrictions on tax free liquids for your destination or transit stop.

Restrictions may vary depending on the airport you're flying from – please check the airport's website.

Don't pack in your carry-on

Make sure you know what's in your hand baggage, and be sure to remove any of these items:

  • weapons and replicas of weapons
  • sharp items
  • explosives, flammables and chemical substances
  • dangerous goods

Don't pack in your checked baggage

Be mindful when packing your checked bags, and make sure you don't include any of the following:

  • valuable items (e.g. cash, jewellery, precious stones, electronic devices, cameras etc.)
  • fragile items (e.g. breakable items, glasses etc.)
  • perishable foods
  • keys, work documents, ID papers
  • medicine and medical certificates
  • electric cigarettes
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