Packing conditions

Take our advice and pack like a pro! When you're on the move, some things really need the extra protection.

Pack smart

There's lots you can do to make sure your belongings are well-protected and arrive safe and sound on your flight.

  • Label your bags with your name and phone number
  • Pack carefully so things inside your baggage don't move around or fall out
  • Take out travel insurance for valuable or fragile items
  • Leave out any restricted items and dangerous goods

Use a protective case

Certain items are not designed for air travel and really need extra protection. These items must be packed in hard or padded cases to avoid any potential damage:

  • Strollers and car seats
  • Bikes, golf equipment, skis and other sports equipment
  • Paintings and other delicate, valuable items

Other items must not be packed together with your valuable equipment mentioned above.

Plastic bags at the airport do not protect the item from physical damage, only from dirt and spills.

Packing solutions for your equipment

  • Stokke PramPack and Airshells are good packing solutions for most strollers and car seats.

    All checked-in Childrens equipment must be packed in a protective case as explained above

Our liability is limited

Our liability, along with all airlines, is limited in accordance with the Montreal Convention when it comes to baggage. Avoid any unneccessary surprises and make sure your belongings are packed in line with the above conditions before you set off on your trip.