Lost and found

If you've left something on one of our flights, please get in touch with lost and found at your arrival airport.

Oslo Gardermoen

You can search for your missing item online or contact contact lost and found at the airport.

Stockholm Arlanda

You can search for your missing item online or contact Bagport after 24 hours.

Copenhagen Kastrup

Items found onboard will be delivered to the police + 45 38 74 88 22.
For items lost at the airport, you can contact lost and found.


Items found on board will be delivered to Finland's Found Property Service (Monday to Saturday).

Other airports

Please do an internet search for the relevant airport in question together with lost and found office (e.g. new york jfk lost and found).

We hope you find what you're missing!

It's your responsibility to take all your belongings as you leave the aircraft, but we know how easy it is to forget things.

We've got our fingers crossed that you're reunited with your stuff quickly!

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