Group booking conditions


Making a group booking

  • Group booking requests can be made when 10 passengers or more are travelling together on the same flight.
  • Duplicate requests for groups must not be submitted.
  • Our group offers are valid for 5 business days. If the request is made less than 30 days before departure, the offer is valid for 2 business days.
  • The offer is subject to availability. A booking is created upon confirmation, if requested number of seats are still available.
  • This product is for ad hoc groups only.
  • Changes to the current conditions may occur. Any changes will be outlined in the offer sent.


A deposit of 30% (excluding taxes) must be paid online 21 days after request.

Final payment

Final payment must be paid online 30 days before departure.


For group bookings made 30-59 days before departure, a deposit of 30% (excluding taxes) must be paid online 5 days after request. The total amount must be paid online 30 days before departure.

For group bookings made less than 30 days before departure, no deposit will be required. Instead, the total amount must be paid online by credit card, at the latest 3 days after request.


You can pay with a credit card or by invoice. Available invoice choices will vary between markets. Please note that if you choose invoice, there's a charge if payment is overdue.

You choose payment under "My travels" on our website. To access payment without a profile, you have to get a one-time code under "My travels".

Your payment deadline will be stated in your contract as well as in your travel details online. If your reservation is not paid within deadline, we reserve the right to cancel.

Cancelling and reducing your booking

  • Your booking can be reduced by up to 10% without loss of deposit.
  • Reductions of more than 10% are not entitled to a refund of the deposit.
  • The reduction must be made at least 31 days before departure, provided that the remaining amount has not already been paid.
  • Your group must still be at least 10 people after the final reduction.
  • All reductions must be submitted in writing.
  • Your deposit is not refundable if you cancel your group booking.
  • It’s not possible to cancel only parts of the itinerary.
  • It's not possible to reduce or cancel your group booking less than 31 days before departure without any loss.

Travelling on connecting flights

  • Passengers in group bookings can travel on connecting flights from domestic destinations
  • A maximum 24 hours layover is permitted on the outbound and return journey.
  • Deadline for booking connections is 40 days before departure.

Additional tickets

Increasing the number of passengers in the same group booking is not permitted.
Additional seats must be requested as a new booking online with minimum 10 persons.


You cannot make any date, time and destination changes to group bookings.

Child discount

Child discounts are not available for group bookings.

Infant (under 2 years)

Infants travel free of charge on domestic flights in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. On international flights, infants pay 10% of the adult fare (excluding any additional airport taxes). Taxes and fees may be charged for infants travelling to certain destinations.

Passenger names

You must add passenger names at least 5 days before departure via our website.
Date of birth is required on some of our destinations.

Stay updated

It's a good idea to register a mobile phone number for one of the passengers, so we can send you important flight updates and changes via SMS.

Baggage allowance

Each passenger in your group can bring:

  • 2 x 23 kg of checked baggage
  • 1 underseat bag (30x20x38 cm)
  • 1 overhead cabin bag (55x40x23 cm)
Combined weight for hand baggage is max 10kg.
Everyone can also bring one airport shopping bag in addition to their baggage allowance.
Special baggage (ski equipment, golf bags, etc.) cannot be ordered as regular checked baggage.
You can purchase special baggage on our homepage after the group is fully paid and all names are registered.

Click here to view baggage allowance for infants.

Meals for Group bookings

For international flights 2 hours 15 min and more, pre-order meals are available to purchase after the group is fully paid and all names are registered.

For international flights outside the Nordics longer than 1 hour 20 minutes and under 2 hours 15 min, please contact the Groups department no later than 2 weeks before departure for possibilities to pre-order snacks and drinks onboard.

Extra conditions

Please note that we reserve the right to amend flight times.
Changes in government taxes and fees may apply.

Group requests on the same flight must have the total number of seats in the same booking.
It is not permitted to make multiple smaller group requests for a group on the same flight with the same itinerary. These will be regarded as duplicates and Norwegian reserves the right to review, reprice or cancel these bookings within 5 business days from confirmation.

Unless otherwise specified, our General Conditions of Carriage will apply to all group bookings.