Social responsibility that engages

Norwegian celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has been a supporter of UNICEF for over 15 of them. Since 2007, the employees of Norwegian have donated their Christmas gifts to UNICEF, and this year seven Norwegian employees are participating in UNICEF's Christmas campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage other companies to give their employees a gift they can be proud of, and children a gift they need to survive.

Knut-Erik Risan

Knut-Erik is a captain at Norwegian and has worked at the company since 2010.

UNICEF sends the donations where the need is greatest. Now companies and individuals alike can buy gifts from the UNICEF World Gift Store, where they can buy a specific gift for children who need it most. It means a lot that Knut-Erik's Christmas gift can help children in need have a better life.

”I'm a third-generation pilot, and my own children were brought up with the idea that Christmas and holidays can fall on any day. And even though it's not always that easy, we try to bring the family together this time of year. I have everything I need, so for me it's good to know that one of my Christmas gifts goes to someone who needs it more than myself. The receiver of this Christmas gift may not know it, but it’s sent with love and care from me and my colleagues at Norwegian.”

Paulo Jullum Fernandes

Paulo has been a first officer at Norwegian for four years. Previously he worked in a preschool and is committed to children's right to education:

“In a world affected by a lot of injustice and unrest, it’s very important to me that Norwegian supports UNICEF. It gives more children the opportunity to go to school, to grow up in a safer environment, and to let children just be children.”

The Norwegian family will receive World Gifts for Christmas this year, and Paulo thinks this is a good initiative:

“By Norwegian supporting UNICEF, we are showing the world that we are a responsible company and that we want to make the world a better place. We have it very good in Scandinavia. I have everything I need. It's great that my Christmas gift can go to UNICEF.”

Rebecca Johannessen

Rebecca is 29, and began working at Norwegian in April 2022 as a cabin attendant. For her, Norwegian's cooperation with UNICEF means that the company is forward thinking:

“There are many different aid organisations that you can support, but I think it is important to have an employer who sees the value in giving children different opportunities, increasing their safety and, not least, having access to an education. I think it shows that Norwegian is forward thinking, because children are the future.”

Beate Vinkler Rasmussen

Beate is a cabin manager and has been employed at Norwegian for almost 19 years. She has had a strong commitment to working with UNICEF for a long time. In addition to “Fill a Plane”, she has also run the New York City Marathon as an ambassador for UNICEF. In connection with the marathon, she raised $9,000 for UNICEF:

“I have been able to be a part of the Norwegian collaboration with UNICEF and the New York City Marathon. I had to train and raise money, and not only did I collect $9,000 for UNICEF, I also got to run in New York for a good cause. It was a lot of fun.”

Beate is happy to give up the usual employee Christmas gift, especially if it can go to someone who really needs it:

“As far as I'm concerned, I have all that I need and then some. There are thousands of other children out there who need it more than I do. And it costs so little and it means so much, so I'm very happy that I can be a part of it.”

Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth works as a logistics employee in the technical department at Norwegian. Originally from Northern Ireland, he has also lived in Tanzania for many years. For him, it is important to work for a company that contributes to the work he has seen with his own eyes:

“Although UNICEF is a well-known organisation, it is important to me that a large company like Norwegian contributes to such an important mission in the world. I think it's very good that we support and give back to society.”

Max Nilsson

Max works as a logistics employee in Norwegian's technical department, while training to become an aircraft mechanic. Max believes that children are the future and is happy that the company he works for supports children in need.

Looking towards the future, climate is a focus at both Norwegian and UNICEF, and Max is committed to this work:

“The technical department is involved in updating and obtaining new aircraft for the Norwegian fleet. Among other things, we are working with our current aircraft type Boeing 737-800 NG, while we are well into the process of upgrading the fleet with new Boeing 737-MAX aircraft. I am pleased that the entire company is comitted to the ongoing work regarding the impact on climate and the environment, and here in the technical department, we are especially involved in research on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). And with the new MAX aircraft, we will be able to help reduce our emissions even more,” Max mentions.

Ole Gunnar Tveitan

Ole Gunnar is a captain at Norwegian. He began his journey in aviation back in 1983 and has worked at Norwegian since May 2006. Through his more than 16 years at the company, he has familiarised himself with how the partnership works, and also how it contributes and inspires:

“UNICEF is one of the world's largest aid organisations for children. And it feels right that a company like Norwegian contributes where it is needed. Instead of giving us employees a token Christmas gift, the company is donating a sum to UNICEF, plus passengers have the opportunity to donate money when they buy airline tickets. I am very impressed with Norwegian's commitment to society.