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Seat reservation

Love the window or prefer the aisle? For a little bit extra you can pick your favourite seat.

Choose where you want to sit

When you're making your booking we'll give you the option to choose where you'd like to sit. Depending on your ticket type, this may be included in the price.

If you don't really mind where you sit, then not to worry – we'll automatically assign a seat for you on the day of departure.

Emergency exit row seats: Most of our seats with extra leg room are in an exit row. According to international regulations, the following passengers will not be allowed to sit in one of these seats:

  • passengers with special needs
  • children under 16 years

Take a look at the seat maps for our different types of aircraft.

  • Cost to reserve a seat

    All flights excl. international long haul

    • LowFare: 9 - 19 EUR per person, per leg *
    • LowFare+: Seat reservation included *
    • Flex: Seat reservation included *

    * Flights between Malaga and Copenhagen/Oslo (OSL)/Stockholm
    For LowFare tickets, higher prices will apply for the first five rows and seats with extra legroom. For LowFare+ and Flex tickets, a standard seat is included in the ticket price and an additional cost will apply for the first five rows and seats with extra legroom.

    International long haul

    • LowFare: 35 EUR per person, per leg
    • LowFare+: Seat reservation included (Economy cabin)
    • Flex: Seat reservation included (Economy cabin)
    • Premium and PremiumFlex: Seat reservation included (Premium cabin)

Booking an extra seat

Many passengers choose to book an extra seat to give themselves a little more space during their flight.

If you'd like to book an extra seat beside you, please book your ticket and extra seat at the same time through our Contact Centre. To make sure we've got your request covered, we recommend that you book at least 48 hours before departure.

The fare available at the time of booking will be charged. We also have seatbelt extensions on board – just ask our cabin crew.

Book an extra seat for your infant

There's no seat assigned when you purchase an infant ticket. If you'd like a bit of extra space for your infant during your flight, please phone our Contact Centre to book.

Bassinets on flights to/from U.S., Thailand, Argentina and Singapore

We have a limited number of bassinets available on board our flights to/from U.S., Thailand, Argentina and Singapore. If you need to book a bassinet, we recommend that you call our Contact Centre to book your ticket and space for the bassinet.

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