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Flights to Budapest Hungary

Best prices from to Budapest

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Budapest at a glance

Why go?

Drop-dead gorgeous with bells on, Budapest is a kicking city all year round.

Local hotspot

The former Jewish Quarter of District VI is alive with bars, clubs and funky shops.

You probably didn’t know

The first underground line in continental Europe was opened in Budapest in 1896.

Suggested reading

Budapest: A Novel (Chico Buarque, 2003).

Bare stats

  • Population: 1.75 million
  • Annual visitor numbers: 3.3 million (2012)
  • January mean temperature: -1°C
  • August mean temperature: 21°C

Flying with Norwegian

Free WiFi on board most flights within Europe

Get a comfortable flight with free WiFi when you fly Norwegian.

    Eat and drink on board

    You can buy a variety of snacks, sandwiches, other light meals and beverages during your flight. Make sure you check our in-flight menu when you get on board.

    New aircraft - low emissions

    The average age of our aircraft is only 3.6 years old, which means less emissions and makes our fleet one of the youngest in the world.

    Seat reservation

    Starting from 10 Euros you can get the window seat, be seated in the front to save time or near the exits to have more legroom. Already booked? Add seat reservation now.

    Video on Demand

    On flights longer than 3,5 hours, you can watch movies and tv series from your smartphone, tablet and laptop for 7 Euros. Remember your headset!

    Central airport

    The airports we fly to are centrally located, with quick and easy transport connections to the city centre and beyond. Less hassle, more time to enjoy yourself.

    Earn CashPoints

    Sign up for Norwegian Reward, and earn CashPoints every time you fly with us. 

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