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Travelling to the U.S. from Ireland? At selected airports you'll clear U.S. immigration and customs already before you depart, which makes you both save time and experience a hassle-free arrival.

Updates to our long-haul program

Due to the ongoing challenges surrounding the pandemic we have made the difficult decision to cease the operation of our flights to and from the U.S., Argentina, Brazil and Thailand.

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Skip the immigration queues

Pre-clearance means you'll pass through U.S. immigration, customs and agricultural control at the airport you depart from. When you arrive in the U.S. you'll be treated as a domestic passenger, so you can just skip the immigration queues, collect your baggage and get on with what you came for – easy and convenient. 

Pre-clearance is available at 

  • Dublin Airport (DUB)
  • Shannon Airport (SNN)

This is how pre-clearance for U.S. flights works

  • Check in as normal at the airport, and go through the security screening.
  • Head over to the pre-clearance area at least 60 minutes before your scheduled departure. Complete the U.S. security screening and you're good to go.
  • Pre-clearance is included in your ticket price, so there are no additional costs for this.


When travelling to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Programme you're required to apply for an Electronic System Travel Authorisation (ESTA). This still applies when you're travelling with pre-clearance. Find out more about travelling to/from the U.S., the Visa Waiver Programme and ESTA.

Restrictions on food and drinks

Once you've passed through pre-clearance you're effectively "on U.S. territory". Because of this there are restrictions on what types of food and drinks you're allowed to bring through the pre-clearance area and on board the aircraft. This includes products that can be bought at the airport prior to pre-clearance. See the full list of prohibited products at U.S. Customs and Borders website.

In order to avoid delays, we recommend that you carry all food items in hand baggage and present them for inspection upon pre-clearance.