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Premium cabin

Our Premium fares on our international long haul flights with the 787 Dreamliner mean you get to fly Premium class without the premium price tag.

A Premium experience

Start as you mean to go on in the lounge, then take your comfortable Premium seat, stretch out your legs and fill up on entertainment, complimentary drinks, your 3-course Premium dinner and breakfast.

Try before you fly

Take a seat in our Premium cabin, have a look around and experience the perks of flying Premium yourself in this 360° video:

Included when you fly Premium

  • Comfortable seat in the Premium cabin with with a 109 to 177 centimetres (43 to 46 inches) seat pitch, giving you 140 centimetres (55 inches) of legroom
  • 3-course Premium dinner
  • Complimentary drinks throughout the flight
  • A Premium breakfast or light evening meal
  • State-of-the-art touch screen entertainment system – choose from hundreds of hours of movies, documentaries, news and games
  • Seat reservation
  • 2 checked bags x 20 kg included
  • USB charger and power outlet by your seat
  • Fast Track where available
  • Lounge access at selected airports
A comfortable Premium seat with 140 centimetres legroom.
Fly Premium with Norwegian and relax in a comfortable seat with 140 centimetres (55 inches) legroom.
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