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Want to reserve your favourite seat, fancy a snack, need to check your emails or are you in for some entertainment wile you're in the air? We've got plenty to offer on board.

  • Seat reservation

    Find out about how to choose your favourite seat or arrange for your group to sit together.

  • Food and drinks

    Fancy a bite on board? Find out what we've got to offer whether you just want a snack, something to drink or want something more substantial on our international long haul flights.

  • Free WiFi

    Free WiFi is available on most of our flights in Europe and on our flights between the US and the Caribbean.

  • In-flight entertainment

    Fly Norwegian, and you’ll have entertainment at your fingertips. At any time.

  • Premium cabin

    Choose our Premium fares and get an even more comfortable flight when you go to one of our international long haul destinations.

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