Connecting flights

Where do you want to go? Perfect – that’s where we’re heading, too. Our low fares make it really easy to combine a few flights and let our ever-growing route map take you to wherever you want to be.

When you book a connecting flight

  • You'll be given one reservation number for your entire journey.
  • Your checked baggage will be sent right through to your final stop (for most destinations).
  • If you miss your connection because your first flight is cancelled or delayed, we'll make sure you're transferred to our next available flight, and we'll organise food and overnight accommodation (if needed).
  • Connecting flights

    To take care of the little extras needed to get you to your final destination, there's a charge for connecting flights.

    • 13 USD per person, per leg
    • 25 USD per person, per leg (flights connecting via London Gatwick)

Customs clearance in Norway and Sweden

If you're arriving on an international flight into Norway or Sweden (excluding Stockholm and Gothenburg) and you're connecting onto a domestic flight, you'll need to collect your baggage, clear customs and check it in for your next flight.

If you have a connecting flight with a scheduled overnight stop, you must also collect your baggage and check in again the following day.

Extra conditions

  • We need a 90 minute connection time if you're travelling with an electric wheelchair or if you're unable to walk from the aircraft door to your seat.
  • Children travelling on our Unaccompanied Minor Service cannot travel on connecting flights.
  • We do not cover costs associated with a scheduled overnight stop.
  • Flights purchased as part of our Connecting Flight Service are booked under one reservation number and cannot be split.

Unofficial connections and other airlines

If you make two separate bookings with us (intended as a connection), make sure you:

  • leave at least 120 minutes transit time between your flights
  • collect your baggage and check it in for your next flight
  • take out travel insurance in case something should go wrong

If you leave 120 minutes between your Norwegian flights, we'll do our best to help out if your flight is cancelled or delayed.

If you leave less than 120 minutes transit time, or you arrange connections with other airlines or modes of transport, our liability is limited, so make sure you're covered.