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Travelling with pets

Planning a trip with your four-legged friend? Your cat or dog is very welcome on many of our flights.

Pets in the cargo hold

Cost to transport your pet in the cargo: 60 - 80 EUR (online) 70 - 90 EUR (airport), per animal, each way.

Cats and dogs can travel in the cargo hold on the following flights:

  • Flights between Schengen countries
  • Flights to/from Svalbard (dogs only)

Up to two cats or two dogs can travel in the same crate if they're well acquainted. They must be at least 8 weeks old and be of a similar size (maximum weight: 14 kg per animal). A dog and cat are not permitted to travel in the same crate.

If your pets don't meet these requirements, they must be transported in separate cages or kennels.

Connecting flights - only in Norway

Cats and dogs can travel in the cargo hold on connecting flights within Norway (excluding to/from Svalbard) via Oslo Gardermoen, Bergen Flesland and Trondheim Værnes.

Your transfer time between flights must be longer than 1 hour and shorter than 2 hours.

Pets in the cabin

Cost to transport your pet in the cabin: 48 - 70 EUR (online) 60 - 84 EUR (airport), per animal, each way.

Small cats or dogs can travel in the cabin on domestic flights in Norway (Svalbard excluded), Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Spain.

We accept up to two pets in the cabin per flight (up to three very small puppies or kittens travelling in the same container may be booked as one animal). They must be at least 8 weeks old to be able to travel.

Getting ready to fly

Kennels and crates

Make sure your pet is comfy and secure in its kennel, and that it meets the requirements needed to fly.

In the cargo hold

Your pet must be able to stand up, turn round and lay in a natural position when it's in its container.

  • The container must be no bigger than 125 x 81 x 86cm (L x W x H).
  • It must be clearly marked with your name and mobile phone number.
  • It must be clean, in good condition, and be made be of a solid material that is fully waterproof. However, weld mesh containers are not allowed.
  • You must remove or fasten any wheels.
  • You must secure the kennel door with zip ties/cable ties.

In the cabin

We recommend using a ‘Sherpa Bag’ made of flexible materials when travelling with a pet in the cabin (available at most pet stores). We also accept other carriers, but they must always meet these requirements:

  • The container must not be bigger than 43 x 31 x 20 cm, or, if soft, should compress down to fit these dimensions.
  • The container and pet/s must not exceed 8 kg in total gross weight.

Travel conditions

Air travel can be noisy, and temperatures in the cargo hold can vary depending on the weather. To ensure a positive experience for your pet, please make sure it's fit to travel in these conditions.

Be aware that extremely cold weather may cause periodic restrictions on your pet travelling to and from certain destinations.

Ask your vet

The comfort and safety of your furry friend is one of our top priorities. Please check with your vet that your cat or dog is fit to fly, keeping in mind that there isn't a vet available at the airport or during the flight.

Is your cat or dog snub-nosed? Snub-nosed animals, such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Pekingese or Persian cats, can find it difficult to acclimatise to certain temperatures and may experience breathing difficulties. Please talk to your vet about flying with your snub-nosed pet before you travel.

Paperwork for your pet

We want your whole trip to go as smoothly as possible - before you fly, please make sure your cat or dog has all the necessary paperwork for air travel, including vaccination documents.

Apply for a permit to travel with your dog to/from Svalbard

If you’d like to bring your dog to or from Svalbard you need to apply for a permit from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Apply for a permit for your dog to travel to Svalbard.

Check in at least one hour before departure

Make sure you're at the airport nice and early. You need to have completed check-in at least one hour before departure if you're travelling with your pet.

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