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Step on board one of the youngest fleets in the world and fly to more than 150 destinations around the world with an award-winning airline. Find out more about why flying Norwegian means comfortable flights at low prices.

Fly to more than 150 destinations worldwide

When we started flying we made a promise to make flying affordable for everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone, from all over the world. So today, we have over 500 routes to more than 150 destinations. 

Where do you want to go next?

So what are you up for? Beach life? Shopping? Sightseeing? Visiting friends and family? Clubbing? Skiing? Whatever, we can fly you to more than 150 different destinations worldwide.

Fly to more than 150 destinations worldwide with Norwegian.
With Norwegian, you choose whether to pay for baggage or not.

It's all your choice

Fly Norwegian and everything starts with a simple, low-priced ticket. Then whatever else you want, add it on. Who wants to pay for all-inclusive if the things that are included aren’t things you need? Why pay for bags you haven’t got? Or on-board meals you don’t want? We don’t give you so called “free stuff” that’s not wanted anyway.

Low fares, high standards

That's why we give you the freedom to choose the lowest possible fares, without compromising on the standards.

Experience an award-winning airline

When we win awards (which we do sometimes) it proves that our passengers appreciate our new aircraft, friendly service and low fares. That’s why we’ve been voted Europe's Best Low-Cost Airline and the World's Best Low-Cost, Long Haul Airline by millions of passengers in the Skytrax Awards for several years in a row.

And as long as you still like what we're doing, we'll keep on doing it.

Skytrax Awards

Europe's Best Low-Cost Airline

Five years in a row, voted by passengers in the Skytrax Awards from 2013 to 2017.

SkyTrax Awards

The World's Best Low-Cost, Long Haul Airline

Three years in a row, voted by passengers in the Skytrax Awards 2015, 2016 and 2017.

New aircraft

One of the youngest and greenest fleets in the world

The average age of our planes is only 3.6 years old. So when you step on to one, you know you’ll get more space, a quieter flight and a faster journey.

A better experience at a lower price

New aircraft also means we use less fuel. Less fuel means lower prices for you, and less emissions for the environment. All in all, you get a much better experience – at a lower price. Isn’t that a nicer way to fly?

Long haul comfort

When you’re flying half-way around the world, don’t you want to enjoy the ride? On international long haul flights on our 787 Dreamliner you'll benefit from

  • comfortable seats with plenty of room for your legs
  • fresh air and optimal cabin pressure, resulting in less jet lag
  • 65% larger windows than in comparable planes and smart mood lighting

A Premium experience

Our Premium fares on our international long haul flights with the 787 Dreamliner mean you get to fly Premium without the premium price tag.

Start as you mean to go on in the lounge, then take your comfortable Premium seat with plenty of legroom, fill up on entertainment, complimentary drinks, your 3-course Premium dinner, breakfast or light evening meal.

Entertainment at your fingertips

Fly Norwegian, and you’ll have entertainment at your fingertips. At any time.

  • Free WiFi on most flights within Europe
  • Video on Demand on our WiFi portal
  • State-of-the-art entertainment system on international long haul flights with our 787 Dreamliner featuring movies, TV shows, games and an interactive 3D map with travel tips for your destination
  • Our award-winning nMagazine
Entertainment on board

Free WiFi on board

Available on most flights in Europe

Being in the sky shouldn’t mean being out of touch. Or bored. Or behind.

Fly with us and you can go online mid-air with our free WiFi and do whatever you want: browse, see what’s new in your social networks, check your e-mail or work (if you must).

After all you rely on being online when you’re on the ground, why should it be any different when you fly?

Fancy a snack?

It's always your choice if you fancy a bite on board. You can buy snacks and light meals on most of our flights, and if you want something a bit more substantial on board our international long haul flights, be sure to order in advance and we'll have your meal ready for you.

Your personal snack bar

On our 787 Dreamliner flights you'll even have your very own snack bar. Just select what you want from the touchscreen of the in-flight entertainment system, swipe your credit card and the crew will be right over with your order.

Food on board

Turn your trips into another trip

Earn CashPoints

As a member of Norwegian Reward you'll earn CashPoints every time you fly, stay at a hotel, drive a rental car or benefit from one of our other partner offers. Use your CashPoints at any time as full or partial payment for your next flight booking with us.

Get rewards

The more you fly, the more benefits you'll get such as CashPoints boost, free seat reservation or free checked baggage.

Welcome on board!

Ready to go flying with us? Browse our destinations, get inspired and book your next flight with us today.

We're looking forward to welcoming you on board.

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