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We like to keep things as simple as possible, but if you're still unsure how Norwegian Reward loyalty programme works, this is the place to be.

Questions about Reward

Norwegian Reward is Norwegian's loyalty programme. As a member you earn CashPoints on all Norwegian flights, plus a wide selection of hotels and car rentals. So whether you're flying with us, renting a car or staying at your favourite hotel, you'll earn CashPoints every time. 

You can become a member by creating a profile or by going to

No. The program is cardless and is connected to your personal profile with Norwegian. As a member you have your own unique Reward Number which you can find by logging into your profile. You can use your Reward Number when booking flights or purchasing products and services from our partners. 

Your Reward Number can be found in your profile at or

Children under the age of 16 can hold a Norwegian Reward membership if the child’s parent or guardian creates their profile and administers the email connected to the Reward account. All members can earn CashPoints, including infants under 2 years old, provided the net cost of the member’s ticket is more than 0. Find out more about Child Accounts.

Questions about CashPoints

CashPoints is Norwegian's own currency. Your CashPoints can be used to pay for flight tickets, extra luggage, cancellation insurance, seat reservations or ticket changes via your profile at Find out more about CashPoints.

CashPoints are calculated from the ticket value in NOK where 1 CashPoint = 1 NOK. The value of your CashPoints is based on the current exchange rate. CashPoints are calculated based on the net ticket price (excl. taxes, charges and optional services).

You may claim CashPoints up to 30 days after departure.

Earning CashPoints on flights is personal, so you are only entitled to earn CashPoints on your own flights. The name on the flight ticket must match the name you have registered in your Norwegian Reward profile.

You can use your CashPoints to pay for flight tickets and any extras you want to add to your booking. CashPoints cannot be used to pay for taxes and some surcharges. Find out more.

Yes, you can use CashPoints to pay for extra luggage, cancellation insurance, seat reservations, ticket changes and more.

See all the ways you can spend CashPoints and how to do it.

Yes, but you must give your Reward Number (which you can find in your Norwegian profile) to the travel agent prior to booking.

Your CashPoints are valid throughout the year of which you earned them, plus two additional years.

Example: CashPoints earned on a flight ticket purchased on 1 September 2023 will earn you CashPoints that are valid until 31 December 2025.

CashPoints received by way of a gift card are valid until the end of the year in which the gift card was purchased + 1 year.

For members who qualify for the ‘No CashPoint Expiry’ benefit, all CashPoints in your account will have no expiration date as long as you have more than 32 flights within a 12-month period. Once you no longer meet the qualifying number of flights to maintain the benefit, those CashPoints earned will go back to having their usual expiration timeline.

Check whether your CashPoints are expiring this year in your profile.

Yes. You earn CashPoints on all flight tickets with Norwegian, except group bookings. You can also earn CashPoints with our partners.

Yes. You earn CashPoints for all tickets, regardless of the currency used when booking.

No, you cannot earn CashPoints on charter tickets. 

If the flight is partially paid with CashPoints, you will earn CashPoints for the portion which is paid by credit or debit card.

Tickets with resident and/or large family discounts from the Spanish Government are not compatible with spending CashPoints.

Reward Benefits

Norwegian Reward’s benefits are designed to give you an even smoother journey, without paying extra. You get a new benefit for every eighth flight you take within 12 months, including stopovers.  

You can choose and activate your benefits in your Reward profile

The first benefit you’ll receive is always 2% extra CashPoints. After your next eight flights, you can decide for yourself which benefits you’d like next. Choose from: Free checked baggage, free standard seat reservation, another 2% extra CashPoints (can be selected up to 3 times), free Fast Track, free overhead cabin baggage (subject to available space in the cabin). Pre-selected benefits are automatically activated once you have enough qualifying flights.

Your activated benefits can be used when you log in and book a flight ticket on Norwegian's website.

Each benefit is available for 12 months from the last time you had enough qualifying flights. 

Activated benefits can only be used when you book the flight. 

When you reach 32 flights within 12 months, you’ll get Norwegian Reward Priority. This means you get all the benefits you haven’t already chosen, plus a set of exclusive benefits reserved for our most frequent flyers. Find out more about Norwegian Reward Priority benefits.

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