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Corporate responsibility

Norwegian strives to be a good corporate citizen in every area of operation. The Company is committed to operate in accordance with responsible, ethical, sustainable and sound business principles, with respect for people, the environment and the society.

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Norwegian’s international business activities, powered by the vision of “affordable fares for all”, brings people, cultures and economies together. Global expansion and new routes boost local tourism, create new jobs, drive economic growth and social progress. A growing population in an increasingly globalized world will lead to more mobility and increased need for air transportation. Norwegian acknowledges its responsibilities as a significant market player and takes action to reduce emissions per passenger and make aviation more environmentally friendly.
The Company operates one of the world’s newest and most modern aircraft fleets. As a global low-cost airline, Norwegian employs 6 285 people in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Diversity makes the organization richer and better. Regardless of location, workers’ rights, equality, non-discrimination, business ethics and anticorruption are key priorities.
Since 2002, Norwegian has safely carried about 185 million passengers. Safety is the number one priority and at the heart of the operation. It is essential for customers and staff, as well as imperative for the sustainability of air transport. All of the Group’s operations are subject to extensive safety controls and certification. They meet the strictest standards and the highest level of regulations in the industry (The European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA). The way we work with safety at Norwegian – both in terms of systems and culture – are used as examples in the healthcare industry.

The three pillars of corporate responsibility at Norwegian:

The three pillars of corporate responsibility


  • Environment

    Norwegian is committed to actively engage in and support sustainable environmental policy, and to continue to reduce emissions from aviation.

  • Human worth

    Everyone at Norwegian has a joint responsibility to create a good working environment and develop a sound corporate culture marked by openness and tolerance. 

  • Local development and humanitarian engagement

  • Partnership with UNICEF

    “The children are the future and we should do everything we can to make the world a better place for the ones who need it the most,” says Norwegian’s CEO Bjørn Kjos. That is why Norwegian has a collaboration with UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children Fund. 

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