Voli per Kristiansand Norvegia

Why visit Kristiansand?

As a picturesque gateway to Sørlandet, Kristiansand has established itself with a wide range of offers for both large and small. Visit the zoo with a mix of exotic animals and exciting performances, enjoy a well-deserved vanilla ice cream along the city beach or have fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants at Fiskebrygga, which is guaranteed to include a pleasant southern atmosphere. If you want to explore the surroundings, many of Sørlandet's island pearls are only a short boat or drive away.

Why fly to Kristiansand with Norwegian

We fly directly from Oslo to Kristiansand and give you the freedom to choose, so you can choose to fly at the lowest possible price - without entering into compromises on quality. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets

"Couple subpaddling in Sørlandet"
Subpaddling in Sørlandet, Kristiansand | Bilde: Magnus Furset VisitNorway

Looking for a southern atmosphere of Norway?

  • Experience the southern idyll along the country's most beautiful stretch of coast
  • The zoo offers activities and entertainment for young and old
  • Experience Merdø - Sørlandet's answer to Saltkråkan
  • Or one of Lista's shallow pearls with chalk white sand
  • The pulse rises with rafting on Evje
  • Otra's rapids is well suited for children
  • Mountain hiking and trail biking on Hovden with a heavenly view

Flying with Norwegian

  • New aircraft - low emissions
    Fly with one of the youngest fleets in the world, which means less emissions and a more comfortable flight.