Seating reservation

When you travel with Norwegian you have the option to purchase seat reservation which will allow you to select your preferred seat. If you do not purchase seat reservation, your seat will be allocated at the airport on the day of travel. If you purchase a Flex, Premium or PremiumFlex ticket your seat reservation is included.

Seat reservations may not be available to/from all destinations. This will be visible at the time of booking. If the time of departure is changed or your flight cancelled, we will reserve a new seat for you which you have the ability to change. 

Making a seat reservation
Seat reservations can be purchased at the time of booking or up to 25 hours (GMT +1) before departure. To purchase seat reservation after you have made a booking, log in to My Norwegian and follow the prompts. If you have made a booking without a user profile, retrieve your booking via Find Reservation or phone our Contact Centre. You can make as many changes as you like to your seat reservation online without charge (up to 25 hours before departure – GMT +1).

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Extra leg room

If you wish to reserve a seat with extra leg room, certain conditions apply. All seats with extra leg room are located beside the emergency exits. Safety issues regulated by international laws may necessitate specific seating arrangements for passengers with reduced mobility. If your mobility is reduced you will not be allowed to sit in a seat near, or adjacent to, an emergency exit. Passengers who are excluded from occupying these seats will be given other available seating on the aircraft.

In extenuating circumstances, we may need to change a passenger seat even though it has been reserved in advance.

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Extra seat

If you require an extra seat for your comfort or for medical reasons, you must make your reservation via our Contact Centre. To ensure that we meet your needs, we recommend for you to make your booking at least 48 hours prior to departure. The fare available at the time of booking will be charged. Seatbelt extensions are available on request.

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