Connecting flights


Connecting flights (one reservation)

Norwegian’s connecting flights (2 consecutive flights under the one reservation) are only available to certain destinations. A service charge will apply.

If you have booked a connecting flight, in most cases your checked baggage will be transported to your final destination. If you are travelling from an international flight with an onward connection on a domestic flight, different customs clearance conditions apply to the transport of checked baggage.

If you have purchased a connecting flight with a scheduled overnight stop, you must collect your luggage and check in again the following day. Norwegian is not responsible for any costs in relation to a scheduled overnight stop.

When purchasing a connecting flight we will ensure that you are transferred to the next available Norwegian service to your final destination if your original flight is delayed. You will also be offered food and overnight accommodation if necessary. This offer applies even if the reason for the delay is outside Norwegian`s control, such as adverse weather.

NOTE: We require a 90 minute minimum connection time for passengers with electric wheelchairs and immobile passengers travelling on a connecting flight (2 consecutive flights in the same reservation). Norwegian does not sell connecting flights for children traveling alone. You cannot request to change two separate tickets to a connecting flight after the booking is made.

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Connections with Norwegian (separate reservations)

If you choose to purchase consecutive flights under separate reservations (intended as a connection), we require a transit time of at least 120 minutes.

If you do leave a gap of at least 120 minutes between arrival and new departure and miss your connecting flight because of circumstances for which Norwegian can be held responsible, contact our Customer Centre and we will do our utmost to book you a seat on a later Norwegian departure on which there are available seats. This is providing there are seats available on the flight in question.

Two consecutive flights (intended as a connection) without 120 minutes transit time, is purchased at your own risk.

NOTE: Norwegian does not generally take responsibility for connecting flights, not even between the airline’s own flights, unless we are liable for compensation in the event of a delay (See Article 10 in Norwegian’s General Conditions of Carriage).

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Connections with alternative carriers or other means of transport

Norwegian is not responsible for onward connections with other airlines or other means of transport unless Norwegian is liable for compensation if passengers miss their connecting flight in accordance with Section 10 in Norwegian’s General Conditions of Carriage.

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