Oversized baggage

Sporting equipment and musical instruments are accepted for carriage in the cargo hold on Norwegian flights in accordance with certain conditions.

NOTE: All passengers travelling with oversized baggage must be checked-in at least one hour before departure.

Bags/cases must only contain the relevant sporting equipment/musical instrument purchased. Excess baggage charges will apply to items over the maximum weight.

Sporting equipment



Golf and ski equipment/ snowboard
Max 20 kg

Bags/cases must only contain the relevant sporting equipment.

Fishing rods
Max 20 kg

Fishing rods must be packed in suitable hard casing/tube.

Surfboard/ kite/windsurfing equipment
Max 25 kg

Bags/cases must only contain the relevant sporting equipment.

Diving equipment
Max 25 kg

One set of scuba diving equipment is defined as one scuba tank (empty), one scuba regulator, one tank harness, one tank pressure gauge, one mask, two fins, one snorkel, one knife, one spear gun and one safety vest.

Max 25 kg 

Limited capacity per flight.

We recommend for all bikes to be packed in protective packaging suitable for the transport of bicycles. Flights departing from London-Gatwick (LGW) and Bangkok (BKK) require that all bicycles are packed in a hard case/box, a bag is not acceptable. Bicycles that are not packaged in a hard case will be rejected. Norwegian does not have hard cases/boxes available for purchase at the airport.

For bikes not packed in a hardshell bike suitcase, the handles must be turned around, pedals must be taken off, other additional parts must be removed or covered and the tyres must be deflated.

NOTE: You must book your bike at least 25 hours before departure. We recommend for you to book your ticket and bike at the same time to ensure available space.

Sporting weapons and ammunition
Max 20 kg

Sporting guns for hunting and competitions are permitted for carriage, but only on the condition that the bolt (or the stock in the case of rifles) is removed and carried separately from the gun itself. Weapons must be packed in a hard case. Up to five kilos of ammunition may be transported providing this is packed in the unopened, original packaging.

Weapons may only be transported in checked baggage. You must advise check-in personnel if you are travelling with weapons and ammunition.

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Musical instruments



Musical instruments in the cabin

Small musical instruments with maximum dimensions 55x40x23cm can be accepted as hand luggage.

If you wish to transport a musical instrument outside these dimesions (max 140x46x30cm) in the cabin, you must book an extra seat and your ticket at the same time via our Contact Centre. We recommend you do this at least 48 hours before departure to make sure we have capacity on board your flight.The fare available at the time of booking will be charged.

Medium size musical instruments
Max 20 kg

Musical instruments with maximum dimensions 90cm x 75cm x 55cm can be booked as regular checked baggage.

Large musical instruments
Max 20 kg

Musical instruments larger than 90cm x 75cm x 55cm must be booked at the airport. The musical instruments charge will apply. 

Double bass: Norwegian accepts two double basses per flight. We recommend that you book your ticket and double bass at the same time at least 48 hours before departure via our Contact Centre to ensure that we have capacity for the item onboard your flight.

NOTE: the maximum weight limit of 32 kg does not apply to musical instruments in this category. An excess baggage charge will still apply to musical instruments over 20 kg.

Ordering oversized baggage
Unless otherwise specified, oversized baggage can be ordered at the time of booking online and via our Contact Centre. If you want to add oversized baggage after you have made a reservation, log in to “My Reservations” and follow the prompts or phone our Contact Centre.

The applicable charges must be paid at the time of purchase. All passengers must bring their travel receipt showing proof of the baggage purchased to the airport on the day of travel. Higher rates will apply to oversized baggage ordered at the airport. All baggage charges are non-refundable.

NOTE: Reservations for oversized baggage cannot be made by email.
Size and weight
We do not accept individual baggage units that weigh more than 32 kg or less than 2kg. A total baggage allowance of 64 kg per person is permitted. The weight limit does not apply to electric wheelchairs, musical instruments or animals in the cargo hold.

We accept individual items up to: length 250cm, height 79cm, width 112cm. The total circumference (L+H+W) must not exceed 300 cm. The size limit does not apply to a double bass.

NOTE: For flights operated by Danish Air Transport, we accept individual items up to: length 190cm, height 143cm, width 70cm. The total circumference (L+H+W) must not exceed 300 cm.
Packing oversized baggage
We strongly recommend for all baggage to be clearly marked with the passenger’s name and phone number.

All oversized baggage must be packed in such a way that it can withstand normal baggage handling. This means that the item will withstand the impact of coming into contact with other luggage in the baggage system and when loading/unloading the aircraft. We recommend all passengers pack their special baggage in a hard case to avoid any potential damage. Read more about baggage protection.