Baggage irregularities

All aircrafts have a maximum cargo limit. Norwegian carries baggage on condition that the total cargo on board does not exceed the aircraft’s maximum permitted weight.

Baggage irregularities must be reported immediately to our handling agent at the airport or within seven days at the latest after arrival. Norwegian’s liability is limited in accordance with the Montreal Convention and we recommend that you contact your insurance company concerning any irregularities with your baggage.

Delayed baggage

When baggage goes missing we do our utmost to find the baggage and forward it to your address. It is important that our representatives at the airport receive your address, telephone number and a description of the missing bags. You will get a receipt of the report (Property Irregularity Report), and you must keep this safe. This contains a reference number for your luggage. Should you wish to claim compensation for reasonable expenses resulting from the delay, or baggage fees if your baggage is lost, this must be attached in its original form within 21 days.

N.B. In the event that your baggage is delayed, we will reimburse reasonable expenses for the purchase of necessities primarily on departure.

If you want to check whether your baggage has arrived at the airport or check the information in the report, you can check these details here. Our agents at the airport will contact you for more information and/or delivery as soon as they have received your baggage. Our representatives at the airport are responsible for looking for the bags, if you wish to contact the airport the number can be found on the report. 
Norwegian uses an international tracing system called World Tracer which connects us with most airlines around the world. If for some reason your baggage isn’t located within 5 days the search will be transferred to the Norwegian Headquarters. We would then need more detailed information about how the baggage looks and its contents for us to expand the search in World Tracer.

Passengers who wish to claim for delayed baggage must inform the Carrier no later than twenty one (21) days after the baggage was made available.

Claim for delayed baggage

NOTE: Please keep the original Property Irregularity Report provided at the airport and original receipts for purchases made. You may need to present this documentation with your claim.

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Damaged baggage
Norwegian handles its passengers’ baggage with care. All the same, we cannot be held liable for damage sustained from normal wear and tear. In addition, we cannot be held liable for damage to baggage due to the negligence or wrongful act of the passenger.

If your baggage has been damaged during your flight with Norwegian, you must present your travel document, bag tag/tag receipt, and the damaged item to our handling agents at the airport promptly and at the latest, 7 days after arrival. We will create a report and provide information about how your claim will be handled. We do not cover damaged items that are not presented at least 7 days after arrival.

Norwegian has an agreement with all Accent and Morris stores in Norway and in Sweden. Bring your travel bag and the damage report from the airport to one of these retailers as they will assist you.

If damage is not covered by the Carrier, the item should nevertheless be reported promptly and at the latest, 7 days after arrival. A damage report will be provided which can be used for a claim with your private travel insurance provider.
Claim for damaged baggage

NOTE: Please keep the original Damage Report provided at the airport and original documentation for your damaged bag. You may need to present this documentation with your claim.