Corporate Responsibility

Norwegian’s corporate responsibility strategy is primarily based on how Norwegian as an airline can contribute to less pollution and emissions by flying new and fuel efficient aircraft.

Our Codes of Ethics give directions for a good working environment and highlights the Group’s guidelines for human rights, prevention of corruption, employee rights and safety for all – both our customers and employees. Norwegian has a dedicated corporate cooperation with UNICEF because of the organization’s overall focus on children’s rights.

Environment: Norwegian is committed to actively engage in and support sustainable environmental policy, and to continue to reduce emissions from aviation. Read more about our efforts to reduce emissions here.

Human Worth: Everyone at Norwegian has a joint responsibility to create a good working environment and develop a sound corporate culture marked by openness and tolerance. Read more about our views of human worth here.

Partnership with UNICEF: Norwegian has decided to partner with humanitarian organization UNICEF through a Signature Partnership. Read more about the partnership here.

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