Delayed baggage

Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints at certain European airports, we are experiencing a high level of requests and demands, related to delayed baggage. Rest assured that we are doing everything we possibly can, to assist our customers and to locate each bag.   

If your baggage is delayed, please rest assured that you will be informed as soon as there is any information about your baggage. In the meantime, we kindly ask you for your understanding. The baggage department team is doing their very best to handle your case.  

Find out what to do if your baggage is delayed


If my baggage is delayed

If your baggage didn’t arrive onboard the same flight as you, you need to report this to our representatives at the airport upon arrival. Do not leave the airport before such Property Irregularity Report is submitted (PIR). 

When reporting a delayed baggage, we open a file for search in WorldTracer – a worldwide system connecting several hundred airlines. It is important to provide as accurate and complete information as possible when creating the delayed report.   

We`re doing what we can to locate and return your bag as soon as possible. As soon as the baggage has arrived at the airport, we will keep you updated. You can check the status of your delayed baggage online by using the reference number (PIR Number e.g. OSLDY12345) you got at the airport.

In case you change your location, while your baggage is delayed, please update the temporary address you provided, as well as the dates of your stay by logging into 

Unfortunately, we do not offer self-service for the time being. The delayed report (PIR) must be submitted on arrival. 

Retrieve delayed baggage

When your bag has arrived at the airport, you will be contacted by the representatives or by us.

If you prefer to pick up the baggage yourself, you can do so. We recommend you make an agreement with the airport before you go there.

Claims and expenses

Outbound flights

On outbound flight we do refund for the most necessary purchases replacements related to the items in the delayed baggage, in accordance with legal requirements. Please note all claims will be settled individually. Take care of the receipts in original in case we ask for them. Please make note that if you have travel insurance, it`s a good idea to explore this option first. They might cover more than the airline is liable for. 

Homebound flights

If the baggage delay occurs to homebound trip, we do not cover cost of replacing essential items.

A claim to Norwegian must be submitted within 21 days after the baggage is made available for you.
The claim must be submitted via delayed baggage

We do not consider your baggage to be lost, but only delayed. In the meantime, on outbound travel, we do our best to locate and recover your baggage. Only make the most necessary purchases related to the delayed luggage and take care of the original receipts. Hence, we recommend to you, check out the coverage of your travel insurance.  

Damaged baggage

When damage baggage occurs, it is important that you fill out a damage report (PIR) with our handling agents at the airport, before you leave the airport. All claims must be sent to us by submitting a claim via our web page, for more information, visit damaged baggage

We are not responsible for general wear and tear. Scratches, marks and dents can quickly occur under normal transport conditions.
Our liability is limited by the Montreal Convention. You can read more about this in our general terms of transport, visit damaged baggage

After you have received the damaged report (PIR) at the airport you can make a claim on our website within 7 days.
For more information, visit damaged baggage

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