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Flights to USA from UK

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Cheap flights to USA from London-Gatwick

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Fly to the USA for variety

With Norwegian flights to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, there’s something for everyone on a holiday in the USA. Explore New York’s restaurants and museums, discover San Francisco’s historic cultural sites, sun yourself on Miami Beach or visit Los Angeles’ boutiques and boulevards.

Get to know more about the USA

The USA comprises 50 states, spanning a huge variety of climates and geographies – from the forested regions of the north-east to Florida’s mangrove swamps and the deserts of the south-west.

Fly to Boston to explore the north-eastern states during the majestic fall season; between September and October, the foliage turns into a riot of colours. Or head west to Las Vegas, where the bright lights of the Strip draw visitors from around the world. Discover San Francisco’s fascinating history and future-gazing outlook, or visit New York – a truly global city with more activities than you can possibly fit into one holiday.

Useful facts about the USA

  1. Population: 326.8 million
  2. Capital city: Washington, DC
  3. Currency: US dollar
  4. Official language: English
  5. Time zones: PST (UTC -8 hour)/MST (UTC -7 hour)/CST (UTC -6 hour)/EST (UTC -5 hour)

The best time to visit the USA

High season in the USA

With a landmass covering 9.8m km², the USA is suitable for travel year-round – but the climate varies widely depending on the region you are planning to travel to. During the summer months of June-August, northern states are pleasantly warm, while the southern states and tropical areas can get very hot and humid. The fall season of September-November brings cooler temperatures and spectacular vistas in the northern states as the leaves turn red and orange. The winter is mild throughout the southern states, while the northern regions experience colder temperatures and snowfall, with regions such as Denver becoming popular ski destinations from November through to April.

Low season in the USA

Low season in the USA varies by region, given the country’s huge size. Northern destinations such as New York and Chicago can be very cold between January and March, but with many indoor attractions such as galleries and museums, it can be a good opportunity to avoid the crowds. Winter in the southern half of the country also brings fewer crowds – with pleasant temperatures between November and March in regions such as Florida. It’s worth noting that temperatures in desert regions drop significantly at night during the winter months – so remember to bring warm clothes!

Top destinations in USA

Looking for the best places to go in USA? Check out these great places to go or see all our destinations in USA.

New York viewsExplore New York

New York is the biggest and boldest city in the world, a capital of culture, commerce and cuisine with some of the most recognisable landmarks in the USA. Explore its many museums, from MoMA to the Met, and stretch your legs in Central Park. Then discover a shopper’s paradise in the Big Apple’s myriad department stores.

San Francisco views Fly to San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the world’s most dynamic cities, a crucible of ideas that’s attracted everyone from the hippies of the 1960s to today’s billionaire tech pioneers. Visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the nearby Presidio, with its miles of trails and beaches – and head to Union Square to shop ‘til you drop.

Fly to Los AngelesExplore Los Angeles

The home of Hollywood, a trip to Los Angeles promises movie magic and more besides. From the boardwalks of Venice Beach to Griffith Park’s trails and activities, there’s something for everyone. Head Downtown to explore eclectic markets and the city’s theatrical district, or visit Beverly Hills to shop at exclusive boutiques.

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