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Flights to Rio de Janeiro Brazil

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Flights to Rio de Janeiro

Flights to Rio de Janeiro

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Why go to Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro hardly suffers from a shortage of stereotypes. Immortalised by bossa nova legends and bikini-clad beauties, this pulsating coastal city is known for its party lifestyle, but has plenty for families, too.

Beach fiends will find themselves at the mercy of some of the world’s most coveted stretches of sand – Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon – while others will love the boldness of Brazilian culture, dancing samba in the Largo do Guimarães square or sipping beer at Armazém São Thiago, a decades-old bar in Rio’s bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Teresa.
Of course, if 
adventure and sweeping views are your thing, a sunset stroll up to the legendary Christ the Redeemer statue is a must. 


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Things to do in Rio

Rio Carnival

Join the throng at the world’s largest carnival, held every year at the end of the summer high season, and prepare to party like you’ve never partied before.

Hit Ipanema Beach

Rio’s second most famous beach after the Copacabana is a haven for families and watersports and is a great place to drink in the sunset, with plenty of bars and restaurants.

Christ the redeemer

If adventure and sweeping views are your thing, a sunset stroll up to the legendary Christ the Redeemer statue at the peak of Corcovado mountain is a must. 

Weather in Rio

Best time to visit

Summertime in Rio can be sweltering, mostly due to the humidity, which makes unwinding in a café or boteco – a no-frills neighbourhood bar – essential.
autumn, the heat begins to dwindle, but damp, tropical humidity is ever-present. As for winter and spring? It’s safe to expect mild, enjoyable temperatures that will make your Northern Hemisphere friends jealous.  

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