Kefalonia Greece

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Why go?

The largest of the Ionian islands has long been popular with tourists but, somehow, Kefalonia’s stunning coastline is still charmingly underdeveloped.

Local hotspot

Located in the island’s north-east corner, Fiscardo’s pretty harbour is as close as Kefalonia comes to exhibiting cosmopolitan tendencies. Smart restaurants and bars line the water’s edge and, come high season, it’s the place to see and be seen against a backdrop of bobbing yachts.

You probably didn’t know

Classical scholars will recognise the name of Ithaca, the small island off Kef’s coast that’s described in Homer’s Odyssey as the home of its hero Odysseus. It’s well worth a visit, although the current thinking is that, back in ancient times, Kefalonia itself was known as Ithaca, so the main island is actually where Odysseus hails from.

Suggested reading

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