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Flights to Iguazú Argentina

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Iguazu at a glance

The small city of Puerto Iguazú largely caters to visitors on a trip to Iguazú Falls. Located in the middle of the subtropical jungle, the city is awash with red soil and the architecture is lowkey and low-rise. Restaurants and bars cater to the tourist market, and craft stalls are as ubiquitous as the street salesmen touting tours.

The falls are 18km from the city, but they’re not the only attraction nearby; once you are in the Iguazú National Reserve, there are over 12,600 hectares of subtropical forest to explore, with diverse wildlife including monkeys and colourful birds.

Extend your holiday in Puerto Iguazú and use the city as a base for exploring the ruins of 17th century Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Mission and Wanda Mines 250km away, or venture into Brazil or Paraguay to discover the falls from another perspective.

Facts box

  • Population: 82,227 (2010)
  • Annual visitor numbers: 1 million people
  • January mean temperature: 25°C
  • August mean temperature: 12°C

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