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Flights to Córdoba Argentina

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Córdoba at a glance

The best-known area of Córdoba is the Jesuit Block, right in the heart of Córdoba city. Here you’ll find the oldest university in Argentina (and one of the oldest in South America) – founded in 1613, just 40 years after the city was established – as well as a stunning church and chapel. Outside of the city lie the other historical monuments of great importance to the region, the Jesuit estancias (ranches), which easily fill a full day and are a highlight of any Córdoba trip.

Modern buildings of cultural importance in Córdoba include several fine arts museums (Evita, Emilio Caraffa and Dr Genaro Pérez), downtown theatres and the lighthouse-like monument Faro del Bicentenario in Sarmiento Park. The Paseo de las Artes (arts market) is a good place for people-watching, as are the bustling lanes in the bohemian Güemes district, which is particularly picturesque in the early evening as the trendy bars and restaurants fill up.

For those keen to experience the notoriously late nightlife of Córdoba, head to the Nueva Córdoba neighbourhood, where the university students spend their evenings – and the better part of their mornings – listening to cumbia music and dancing at the many nightclubs.


Fact box

  • Population 1.39 million (2010)
  • Visitor numbers 1.3 million
  • January mean temperatures 25°C
  • August mean temperatures 14°C

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