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Flights to Bordeaux France

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Bordeaux at a glance

Why go?

The wine capital of the world isn’t just for oenophiles – there’s also art in a submarine base, contemporary architecture, clubbing on a boat, and festivals throughout the year for everything from food and wine to surfing, cinema and jazz.

Local hotspot

Every Sunday, the Quai des Chartrons on the bank of the Garonne river transforms into an open-air food and wine market. Wander past the CAPC contemporary art museum (, antique dealers on rue Notre-Dame, and exhibition venue Hangar 14, and make sure to try the famous oysters from nearby Arcachon.

You probably didn’t know

Bikes are the perfect mode of transport in Bordeaux, with its lack of hills and more than 580km of cycle tracks. In 2015, the city was voted one of the world’s top 10 most cycleable cities.

Suggested reading

The Essential Guide to Bordeaux Wines (Sophie Brissaud, 2015)

Bare stats

  • Population: 241,287 (2012)
  • Annual visitor numbers: 6 million (2015)
  • January mean temperature: 6°C
  • August mean temperature: 20°C

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