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Why go?

Because this is a city that 20 years ago firmly turned its back on previous troubles and has been sprinting forwards ever since. Today, Belfast is better known for its thriving foodie scene, handsome architecture and infectious, high-spirited Northern Irish hospitality.

Local hotspot

The Cathedral Quarter, named after St Anne’s Cathedral, has evolved from Belfast’s old warehouse district to become the epicentre of its art, music and bar revolution. Rain or shine, tourists and locals spill out of parallel drinking spots along the narrow, cobbled alleyway to form a buzzing crowd where you’ll never be short of a cheery new companion.

You probably didn’t know

TV series Game of Thrones employs more locals in Belfast than the Civil Service.

Suggested viewing

Low-budget film Good Vibrations (2013) tells the story of punk music legend Terri Hooley, who opened a record shop in 1970s Belfast in the midst of The Troubles and used music to bring life back to the city.

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