Restricted items

Passengers must ensure that their baggage does not contain objects that can damage and/or cause danger to the aircraft, persons or property on board aircraft. All baggage must be packed in accordance with IATA dangerous goods regulations (PDF - English Only). 

NOTE: You are responsible for ensuring that your baggage is properly packed and does not contain any restricted items. Norwegian is not responsible for any baggage/articles which may be confiscated at security checkpoints.

Restricted items - checked baggage

We recommend that passengers do not include the following items in their checked baggage as we have limited liability in the event of loss or damage to your checked baggage as outlined in our General Conditions of Carriage: 

  • Valuable items such as: cash, jewellery, precious stones, computers, game consoles, photo/video cameras and mobile phone,
  • Fragile items (including but are not limited to glass/bottles),
  • Perishable foods,
  • Glasses, sunglasses,
  • Keys,
  • Working Documents,
  • ID papers,
  • Medicine and medical certificates.
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Liquids in hand baggage
Liquids in hand luggage
A maximum of 1 litre of liquid, creams and gels are permitted in hand luggage. Each item must not exceed 100ml. Liquids, creams and gels must be packed in a separate transparent re-sealable bag must be presented at the security checkpoint.

The following items may be accepted for carriage onboard beyond these limits. Please consult the airport’s website for more information as restrictions may vary.

  • Baby food and baby milk: You may be permitted to bring baby food necessary for the flight onboard in your hand baggage. You must be prepared to taste the food if requested by security personnel.
  • Essential medicines: You are permitted to bring essential medicine for your journey in your hand baggage. We recommend that you bring a supporting documentation from a qualified medical professional (e.g. prescription or medical certificate).
  • Tax free: When purchasing liquids, gels and creams from tax free you must pay careful attention to the restrictions of the destination you are travelling to. Restrictions also apply when travelling on connecting flights.