Baggage protection

Prams, children car seats, bicycles, golf equipment, ski or fishing poles, any other sport equipment as well as paintings or delicate items are not articles suitable for air transport. We recommend all passengers pack their special baggage in a hard case to avoid any potential damage. Soft packaging material will not be suitable enough for any of the above-mentioned items. Airshells and PramPack provide good packing solutions for such items and are recommended by Norwegian.

We strongly recommend our passengers to draw additional travel insurance for any of the above items. Passengers are responsible for ensuring that their luggage is properly packed.

NOTE: As outlined in our General Conditions of Carriage, in accordance with the Montreal Convention, Norwegian cannot be held liable for damage to baggage due to the negligence or wrongful act of the passenger or if it can be proven that the damage resulted from defective packing of that cargo performed by a person other than the carrier or its servants or agents.


Airshells offers the rental of protective packaging so that your goods are protected against damage that may occur during transport. All Norwegian customers are entitled to a 15% discount on the rental of suitable containers with Airshells by entering the discount code DY2014. All services (collections/returns) are offered by the Airshells representatives at the airport. This service is only available from selected airports. For more information about conditions, prices and how to order, please contact Airshells.