Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Corporate Bonus Agreement

This is an electronic corporate agreement which enables your company to accumulate CashPoints for all travel that you book on all of Norwegian's destinations. The purpose of the agreement is to meet the company’s need for air travel in such a way as to reduce travel costs for the company (the Customer) and to increase traffic on Norwegian’s route network.

Only one transport agreement per company is permitted. Setting up an electronic Corporate Bonus agreement (CashPoints) is thus not permitted if your company already has a signed transport agreement with Norwegian either directly or via a procurement body.

The company (the Customer) is free to use these CashPoints at any time when purchasing additional flights, baggage allowances, seat reservations and ticket changes via the Norwegian corporate portal.

The customer accumulates CashPoints when booking flights through the following channels:

Customer flight reservations are subject to the availability of departures and seats at the times when the Customer’s employees wish to travel.

This agreement affords the Customer access to Norwegian’s web-based corporate portal. The Customer has constant access to travel statistics through this corporate portal.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that its employees have up-to-date information about, and are familiar with, the agreement and the rules for ordering and using Norwegian’s services.

There is no travel volume requirement for obtaining a Corporate Reward agreement.

Terms and conditions of travel

The company (the Customer) accumulates CashPoints on the net flight fare, i.e. the flight fare excluding taxes, charges and duties. No CashPoints are awarded for group travel, i.e. flights with more than 9 people on the same booking.

Group tickets (tickets booked via our group booking department) are exempt from this agreement.

Accumulation of CashPoints is 4% for Low fares and 12% for Full flex fares. The agreement is valid for twelve months from the date of registration.

The company’s CashPoints remain valid until the end of the year in which the purchase is made + 2 years. For example, CashPoints for a flight purchased/paid for on 1 September 2015 are valid until 31 December 2017.

CashPoints are added to the company’s (the Customer’s) balance on the corporate portal after the travel date. This may take up to 3 days.

CashPoints are Norwegian’s own currency, with 1 CashPoint equalling 1 NOK.

Personal CashPoints

With a Corporate Bonus agreement, employees will also be able to accumulate private CashPoints on business travel. This means that both the company and the employee accrue CashPoints.

CashPoints cannot be awarded retroactively.

All companies with a registered corporate ID or business number can set up a Corporate Bonus agreement. In the event of suspected abuse of the agreement, Norwegian may terminate the agreement with immediate effect and cancel all accumulated CashPoints.

Travel agencies are not permitted to accumulate CashPoints on the sale of fares to their own customers. This agreement is only valid in connection with travel by the agency’s employees.

Norwegian is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations in respect of members to another legal entity (company), e.g. in connection with a reorganisation of the programme or company.

Subject to a notice period of one month, Norwegian is entitled to change the applicable rules, including the rules regarding accrual and withdrawal of CashPoints, effective for CashPoints that have already been accumulated, and to cancel the programme. The member will be informed of this via email. Information regarding changes can also be obtained from Norwegian upon request.

Privacy Policy

The registered data will be used for administering the Norwegian Corporate Reward agreement, for sending out marketing and PR material in connection with the Norwegian Corporate Reward membership, and in connection with the marketing of other products and services offered by Norwegian. The member also consents to accept such dispatches as are mentioned in the preceding point via email or SMS.

At any time, the member may ask to see the data about him/herself which is registered with Norwegian, and may also request that incorrect data about him/herself be deleted or corrected. Personal data that are necessary in order for Norwegian to be able to fulfil an agreement with the members cannot be deleted until all agreement-related obligations have been met.

This agreement is subject to Norwegian law

An attempt must be made to resolve any disputes arising from this agreement via negotiations. If said negotiations do not succeed, disputes must be resolved via the ordinary courts with Oslo as the venue.

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