Towards more climate neutral aviation with CHOOOSE and Norwegian

At Norwegian, we continuously work to reduce our environmental impact. As a part of our sustainability program, we have partnered with the climate company CHOOOSE to make it easy for our passengers to offset their personal carbon footprint when flying with us.

By opting in during the check out process, passengers support CO2-reducing projects certified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard. Passengers who choose to offset their carbon footprint can rest assured that their contribution will be used to directly fund projects that reduce carbon emissions in a verified way. 

In collaboration with CHOOOSE, we have identified projects in regions that we fly to, focusing on clean energy projects with measurable, long-term impact. Norwegian will continue to expand the projects we make available to our customers as this program grows. Below you can read more about the projects we are currently supporting:  

Coastal wind energy in Vietnam

The Bac Lieu Wind Project is a landmark clean energy development on the southwestern coast of Vietnam. This project harnesses wind power to generate clean energy, supplying electricity directly to the local grid and displacing carbon-intensive fossil-fuels. The measurable CO2 impact of this project is certified by the United Nations and by the Gold Standard.

In addition to its CO2 impact, this project drives a range of development activities contributing to several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Reduced Emissions: 60,000 tons of CO2 is mitigated on average annually
  • Clean Energy: 103,000 MWh of clean energy is generated on average annually
  • Creating New Jobs: The Project creates 111 new jobs within wind farm operations
  • Converting landfill gas to energy in Thailand

This project captures methane gas from one of Thailand’s largest landfills in the west of Bangkok, avoiding harmful methane release while converting the gas to clean electricity supplied directly to the local grid. The measurable CO2 impact of this project is certified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard. 

Run-of-river hydro energy in rural Laos

This small-scale project generates renewable energy from the flowing waters of the Houay Makchan River in rural Laos. The project helps to bridge a regional supply-demand electricity gap in Laos, providing affordable, clean hydroelectricity to the local grid and displacing carbon-intensive fossil-fuels. The measurable CO2 impact of this project is certified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard.


CHOOOSE is a climate-focused technology company in Oslo, Norway. With a mission to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future, CHOOOSE delivers a platform that enables both individuals and organizations to connect with the best CO2-reducing projects around the world. CHOOOSE supports individuals and organizations in over 60 countries. To learn more, visit


What actually happens when I choose to offset my flight emissions upon checkout?

When you opt in during the check-out process, the funds are directly applied to sponsor a CO2 offset in an amount equal to or greater than your calculated carbon footprint. Said another way, you are balancing the CO2 emissions released as a result of your flight. Due to transaction minimums, your contribution will typically offset more than the calculated footprint.
CO2 offsetting is performed through the purchase and retirement of Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) units. The CER units are certified by both the Clean Development Mechanism of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, and the Gold Standard, a leading certification established by non-governmental organizations. The units are retired on the applicable emissions registries to ensure that each unit is used only once. 

How do I know the impact is real and wouldn’t have occurred without my support?

Projects certified by United Nations and by the Gold Standard must adhere the principle of “additionality”. This means that the respective projects are realized as a result of the funding received through the proceeds of  Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) units, and, that the impact the project creates is therefore additional to what would have happened otherwise. All projects that Norwegian makes available to our customers are subject to ongoing reporting and monitoring to ensure that they remain in compliance with these standards and operational best practices.

Is there an additional fee for my offsetting?

No, customers who opt-in are simply paying the cost of their calculated carbon offset. 

How is the price for carbon offsetting calculated?

For projects certified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard, carbon offset pricing is determined by various criteria at the project level, such as project location, scale, technologies involved, social and environmental impacts enabled, financing conditions, as well as offer and demand on the global carbon markets. The Norwegian offsetting program delivers a simple rate across all active projects in our portfolio. CHOOOSE assumes all risk for the price of carbon offsets and does not add any additional fixed fees.